Excavator parts distributing valve leak sound, how to do?

by:HMB     2021-01-19
distributing valve is play a big role on construction work, can't work without distributing valve of the excavator, distributing valve is faulty maintenance in time. Distributing valve in the oil have different ring, what is the row? Excavator accessories factory today to discuss how to solve the small make up to you. Said maintenance, be sure to remove the check fix, here small make up record some steps: first, before ready to unload distributing valve, the need to each line marking, mobile phones and other methods to deepen the memory, whether new or old driver, it must keep in mind, so as not to split out by not. Second, at the time of distributing valve and handled by other mechanical, communicate with operator ahead of schedule, be sure to see hands operation, be sure to slow, steady and prevent secondary damage to distributing valve, otherwise will cause unnecessary economic losses. Third, before replaced 0 type ring, oil sludge according to their own conditions as far as possible to clean, convenient for the next step of work; Fourth, ready to overhaul, need to prepare yourself much point 0 type ring, now in the market of all kinds of accessories, good and bad are intermingled, prepare more danger; Fifth, for type 0 ring replacement must choose the right, not bigger or smaller, and at the time of disassembly must keep in mind the location, the installation sequence, etc. , how to unload how installed; Sixth, hoisting distributing valve again after all done, attention please look at the second; Seventh, distributing various pipe sensor installation, according to their own memory with required in article first prepare one by one, on the surface of the tube head type 0 circle will all change, meet the aging line, in time for replacement, province after the trouble; Eighth, adjustment of the machine after the installation is complete, do the first action, walking with walking speed switch, all normal word description of the line, then it is much operation for a while, see will not leak, not if all is well. Above is the excavator parts distributing valve repair process, small make up records suggest that if inexperienced or find a professional maintenance master to solve, myself try not to hurt, so as to avoid more trouble.

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