Excavator parts cylinder frequently bad, see you have to move ''

by:HMB     2021-01-17
A teacher said, his mining frequent bad oil cylinder, somehow. Is usually caused by improper operation, excavator accessories manufacturers today small make up summarizes five excavator use erroneous zone, see you have & other; Throughout the effects &; ! Damaged cylinder operation error: 1. Device work walk without fully recovery work is not completely walk back case, digging bucket is easy to hit the rocks, the oil cylinder piston will produce larger load, lead to broken cylinder and the pin shaft around the crack. 2. Walking with the help of force easily emulsifying metamorphic after mining hydraulic oil mixed with water, into the hydraulic system leads to the excavator attachments to rust. Long-term rust slag flow in hydraulic system, hydraulic pressure will be affected, forearm, scoop action will therefore become weak. 3. Oil cylinder rod scale to limit mining hydraulic cylinder position assignments at the end of the scale to work this case oil cylinder and frame will produce larger load, the impact of the dipper teeth, the impact of the shaft pin, will cause the oil cylinder internal damage, can also affect the other hydraulic components. 4. Track back up mining homework excavator body at the back of the buoyancy force is used to mining operations. When digging bucket and rock separated, whereabouts of digging bucket, the configuration of the body, frame, such as rotary bearing large load, it is easy to damage. 5. Drivers missed start on the road is not smooth gravel road, under the conditions of drivers did not stop began to work, come down for a long time will cause the next frame uneven, cause the damaged frame. It is best to cushion some of the earth below, make the ground smooth, this homework again. Want so the drivers can work for a long time, at ordinary times to do these small things, excavator accessories manufacturer below small make up to share some of the oil cylinder maintenance method, for everybody reference. Oil cylinder should be replaced periodically in the process of using hydraulic oil, filter cleaning system, ensure the cleanliness, prolong service life. Oil cylinder at every time of use, must carry on the full stretch full shrinkage 5 schedule and then load operation. Doing so can exhaust system in the air, preheating, each system can effectively avoid system exist in the air or water, gas explosion (the oil cylinder cylinder Or charred) Phenomenon, it will damage the seals, resulting in oil tank leakage fault, etc. Temperature control system, the oil temperature is too high will reduce the service life of the seal, high oil temperature make the seal permanent deformation for a long time, and even complete failure. Protective good external surface of the piston rod, prevent the damage of knock against and scratches on the seals, often clean up the dust excavator attachments cylinder dynamic sealing ring parts and exposed on the piston rod of the sediment, to prevent the sticky on the surface of the piston rod is not easy to clean up the dirt into the damaged cylinder piston and cylinder, or seal. Regularly check the screw, bolt connection parts, found loose fastening good immediately. Often lubrication connection parts to prevent rust or abnormal wear oil free condition.

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