Excavator parts cylinder fault, check this a few places!

by:HMB     2021-01-15
Excavator parts cylinder rod, this for excavator drivers, are common, compare with, knock off work at dusk, drivers big forearm bearing didn't stop good, tomorrow morning on a look, found the forearm bearing sank, feel there is something wrong with the machine. Actually, each excavator factory, quantitative specification of the crawling index has surely, no creep, the greatest ambition and the actual production process, it is difficult to reach, and thus set & other; There are standard upper and lower limits & throughout; Only when the & other; Creep quantity & throughout; More than the upper and lower limit, can determine the drivers have a problem. Of course, each manufacturer has the limit of each manufacturer specification, each have different, is a forearm, bucket cylinder rod. Only when this & other; Creep quantity & throughout; More than the upper and lower limit, so there was something wrong with this digger can be sure, the fault cause is what? The cause of the crawling phenomenon, are both the outside of the hydraulic cylinder, also have the cause of the hydraulic cylinder itself. A, check whether in air in cylinder: 1, if is mixed with air in the oil, from the hydraulic pump sucked into the air, can remove first hydraulic pump intake. 2, the new hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder or equipment downtime moments after the repair of hydraulic cylinder, cylinder and the pipe will into the air. Can be deflated by hydraulic cylinder exhaust, has not been set for the special hydraulic cylinder exhaust system, can be a little loose first two pipe joint of imports and exports, the ends of the hydraulic cylinder and the hydraulic cylinder reciprocating run for several times to exhaust. From joint bearing from gonorrhea into clear after the oil leak that has swept clean the air, at this time to tight coupling from the beginning. To use this method can also be difficult to clean air hydraulic cylinder, loading exhaust and optional to fill in cylinder oil drainage of air exhaust way. 3, would amount to a negative pressure inside the cylinder and easily from the piston rod to inhale air condition, to pay more attention to the rationality of the piston rod seal planning. 4, after startup let hydraulic cylinder lOmin running at maximum stroke and the maximum speed, forcing the gas discharge. Second, check whether the hydraulic cylinder for installation accuracy is poor: 1, should progress the installation quality of hydraulic cylinder. 2, such as different piston and piston rod when checking the two coaxial degree; When the piston rod and straightening the piston rod, piston rod and guide sleeve cooperation choose H8 / f8 cooperation, should strict according to the size specification and quality standard by regular manufacturers qualified seal, when choosing the v-shaped sealing ring, seal friction should be adjusted to a moderate degree. 3, check the hydraulic cylinder end cover sealing pressure is too tight or too loose: adjust the excavator accessories seal is not tight not loose, guide set of concentric, ensure that the piston rod in hand ( Or only with a hammer tapping) You can move back and forth, and slightly on the piston rod to hang a layer of oil film. 4, check whether the hydraulic cylinder installation precision is poor: such as load and piston rod connecting points close to the guide rail sliding surface as far as possible; The piston rod axis line and the center line of the load to common; With the touch of guide rail length should try to take some long; Load and linking azimuth should with the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder thrust load attacks not skewed shall prevail; Guidance is better, better machining precision and installation accuracy, and attention to smooth. 5, check whether the guide rail production and installation quality is poor and poor, smooth, can adopt cleaning guide rail is smooth, clear smooth smooth from start to adjust pressure and flow, guide relative motion between surface with a layer of anti climb oil ( Such as molybdenum disulfide smooth oil) Measures such as, if necessary, from beginning to shovel scraping the guide motion pair.

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