【 Excavator parts 】 Crawler excavator often 'thrown off' how to solve?

by:HMB     2021-01-20
For the shuttle in the bad environment homework excavator, caterpillar to take off the chain are common, so to speak. Treads into the soil or gravel will lead to take off the chain. Excavator accessories manufacturers today and everyone study crawler excavator is often & other; Off the chain & throughout; The cause and the solution. Excavator crawler deviant, it is the process of track from the guide wheel, roller, driving wheel and sprocket of orbit, commonly known as & other; Off the chain & throughout; , this is excavator driver and owner are not willing to see the scene. Avoid crawler deviant when turn on the one hand is the driver in the driving excavator, need to pay more attention, found a preliminary signs of deviant, caterpillar will should be tracked jacking idling. Caterpillar often deviant also illustrate the chassis itself, on the other hand, there is a problem that needs to be repaired or replaced excavator accessories. Below explain away the reasons and solutions of the chain: caused crawler excavator crawler deviant deviant many reasons, but the basic can be classified into three categories. A, because the four-wheel area is in the same plane, not caused by the track line. When the excavator need to replace the guide wheel. Second, caused by caterpillar too loose, caterpillar deviant. Crawler tightness is through the guidance of tensioning oil cylinder driving wheel to adjust, tensioning oil cylinder is driven by grease gun beat butter, to adjust the tightness of caterpillar, but most of the time track will be unable to adjust the tightness. If caterpillar pin set of wear out the pin must be replaced every day. But now it seems now few people & other; Pressure caterpillar & throughout; To change the pin set, more direct replacement of caterpillar. Three, because the chain plate wear and tear, does not work, caterpillar deviant. If you contrast excavator bulldozer chassis, you will find that some places are different, the bulldozer rarely make even track is very loose, it is because of bulldozer chain board from a block driver guide wheel turn, all the roller package, while only two excavators and small chain plate, a roller in the middle position, a position in guide wheel. Once excavator accessories chain plate wear, caterpillar easy to slip outside of the chain plate, caterpillar deviant. Then you need to repair or replace the chain plate. Track back into the method about the deviant tracked back, not a rigid standards, first of all, should be will strike chain mouth pulled down, release the butter, and let the crawler is flabby, should according to situation, again use the digging bucket and walk to cooperate, will be tracked back, the more likely deviant track and the more he back. If caterpillar is inward slipped out of orbit, bucket is less than the treads enough, this is you need to use steel wire rope, pull part of the track to guide wheel or on the driving wheel, rotating driving wheel walking again. Only operation is it is important to note that the crawler loose extra distance, should be installed in more places, it would be easier to install. Guide wheel and driving wheel position installed, caterpillar basic has installed more than half, roller position can pass, jacking method of racing track, packed. Sprocket parts can use bucket packed directly, if the bucket can't reach, and a method is that the track top up first, then find a proper stick, support the drag chain wheel position between the crawler and the ground, and then slowly put down the track, drag chain wheel position caterpillar will be jacked up, stick to packed deviant crawler.

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