Excavator parts coupling parts to replace? After watching

by:HMB     2021-01-18

we all know who work with excavator excavator attachments often coupled parts are matching coordination work, such as engine fuel system of plunger, delivery valve, nozzle needle valve, distributing valve of the valve body and valve stem, etc. Today this article knowledge popularization, hope everybody can realize the coupling pieces of the key, improve their practical ability.

a lot of people have this question, complete use of excavator parts, one is broken, is it really necessary to complete replacement? A simple example, one is broken, change another does not delay the use, then the same actually comfortable is not suitable for excavator coupled parts? The answer is definitely not appropriate!

because with replacement of the excavator parts coupling parts in the factory through special processing, grinding and become, in pairs with precise, in the use of the life of the period is always used in pairs, are definitely not interchangeable!

so the question becomes, there are still part of the Lao shifu that some reciprocal excavator parts, such as the piston and cylinder liner, bearings and shaft neck, valve and valve seat, the crankshaft and the body big tile, etc. , is the need to form a complete set in use, so this kind of components can replace alone? The answer is still not possible! Because after a period of time in use, the excavator parts between cooperate well, if the one damaged, when maintenance replacement, also should pay attention to assembly in pairs, so running in and cooperate with the degrees can always in the best state!

small make up have to repeatedly stressed a excavator accessories: such as engine connecting rod, piston, fan belt, high pressure tubing, excavator oil seal, etc. , the central rotary joint damage after the complete set of replacement cost is larger, it became a lot of people hesitate whether to don't complete the principal cause of replacement.

but also precisely because of this kind of parts at the same time using a set of accessories, so when the damage must complete replacement! Otherwise due to varying degrees excavators accessories quality difference is big, old and new, length size is differ, easily lead to engine operation instability, hydraulic system leak, severe load concentration, replacement of new parts easy to early damage! 。

some dig friends to save money, there is no change of complete sets of excavator accessories coupled parts, after a serious failure probability is very high. But this is not professional maintenance for the normal operation of the excavator, a hidden trap is likely to cause a big failure was not worth the cost! Select normal manufacturer production of high quality excavator parts is the key, you can contact 13153810108 communication consulting.

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