Excavator parts bucket cylinder is broken again? Real case analysis to show you!

by:HMB     2021-01-17

a, real cases

a dig friends during trenching operations, bucket movement gradually slow, until can't normal work, field work personnel cannot be ruled out fault, excavator attachments small make up a preliminary analysis is probably the bucket cylinder malfunction.

through inspection found that the excavator attachments return oil filter in a large number of metal powder, black rubber piece, brown nylon material and small metal particles, etc. Overhauling the bucket cylinder, found that the piston seal ring, wear ring is completely damaged, 2 way steel ring card dead in the ring grooves, fracture structure, the inner wall of the cylinder is serious injury, the bottom there is a lot of metal powder and granule. The above inspection results show that the bucket cylinder excavator parts have been damaged.

2, fault analysis

the field comprehensive analysis thinks, because the metal fatigue factors such as excavator parts on the bucket cylinder piston steel ring fracture, result in direct contact with the piston and cylinder, in the process of piston rod is frequent telescopic steel ring fracture stubbles blow grind bucket cylinder wall, cylinder wall strain caused by the leakage inside, so that the bucket cylinder speed down. With the increase of working time, the damage of the sealing ring and cylinder wall injury getting worse, causing bucket cylinder leakage is more serious, so that the control valve to control the action of the bucket cylinder.

three, how to prevent

1. According to the instruction manual maintenance

should be in accordance with the excavator work projects and operating conditions, the reasonable oil change service combined with manual. Compared with the bucket digging, often using excavator accessories hydraulic broken broken, hydraulic oil metamorphism more quickly. When using hydraulic broken work, should be in accordance with the time for maintenance.

(1) for maintenance according to the above requirements, as well as pump, valve, motor, oil cylinder failure, the manufacturer shall not be 3 packets, the customer's loss shall be borne by the distributor or customer.

2 for mining and crushing every 1000 hours, a mixture of replacement of hydraulic oil, changing back every 300 hours of the mixed oil filter, pilot filter;

(3) for the installation of broken hammer excavator, must every 500 hours continuous broken, replace the hydraulic oil, every 100 hours continuous broken, replace the excavator parts return oil filter, pilot filter;

2。 Operation need specification

(1) the excavator operations, mining depth and mining range changing, so the operation should be as far as possible when the excavator parts bucket cylinder and connecting rod, cylinder and fights the rod into 90 & deg; Angle, don't keep to the end. This can make the excavator get maximum digging force and maximum efficiency.

2 excavator operation, if the excavator attachments bucket cylinder piston rod to trip the end of the rod chamber under pressure and impact is easy to cause its internal limit ring is damaged, thereby reducing the service life of the bucket cylinder. So when operating the machine, bucket cylinder should retain telescopic allowance of 10 ~ 20 cm. This operation can prevent because of long time big load impact on steel piston ring and fatigue damage of limit ring.

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