Excavator parts broken hammer was slow and weak, is really no way out?

by:HMB     2021-01-20

1, check excavator attachments pilot valve wear and tear, or valve core contains impurities lead to abnormal pressure.

2, in excavator parts ( Such as broken hammer, hydraulic shear, etc. ) Full operation, the overflow condition, check the options on the multi-way valve valve core flooding pressure is set 24. 5 mpa, if not, need to reset pressure or replace the valve core.

3, check whether P1 bypass cut-off valve wear and tear, excavator parts internal piston sliding are in good condition, such as abnormal, can clean or replace.

4, test (P1, P2 uninstall proportional valve and proportional valve diameter walking the current value and the forerunner of the secondary stress is normal, such as abnormal, need to change the proportional valve.

5, the excavator parts ( Such as broken hammer, hydraulic shear, etc. ) Full stroke operation, high gas, whether the pilot pressure measuring scoop mining in 2. More than 1 mpa. If not, check the pilot control valve.

6, check whether the choose and buy a pressure sensor wire break or damage, if there is a need to timely treatment, replacement.

7, disassemble to walk on the multi-way valve valve core, excavator accessories valve core diameter and whether the relevant port relief valve opening and closing, impurities, spring presence of wreck. If yes, need to be replaced in a timely manner.

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