Excavator oil transfer pump function

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Oil transfer pump is in excavator plays a transport diesel and other equipment, its main role was able to play a positive role to equipment, so this part if we want to do more to understand, should do the specific understanding of the function of oil transfer pump. CTP carter accessories ensure that circulate in diesel oil at low pressure, and supply enough quantity and pressure of fuel to the fuel injection pump, the oil amount shall be the full load the biggest 3 - the amount of fuel injection 4 times. Oil transfer pump can be divided into gear oil pump, diaphragm type oil transfer pump, plunger oil transfer pump, pipeline oil pump and so on. CTP carter accessories, its role is to ensure that the first diesel oil at low pressure within the normal circulation, normal circulation to ensure oil supply, and after a smooth supply, the nature of the mechanical equipment and can be carried out in accordance with the basic way of operation. CTP carter accessories we know this is the first action, as well as his role is the second of fuel injection pump work for timely supply of oil, and the supply requirements need to meet a certain amount of oil, have pressure, this pump can be based on the better use. CTP carter accessories such two functions should be oil transfer pump concrete work, seems to be two role, of course, but in fact is a role, for by two role, we cannot be ignored one of, and should be effectively combined the two function of giving play to the role of oil transfer pump. CTP parts of oil transfer pump overhaul carter: 1, first check the pump mechanism drive diaphragm in the work of the push rod is damaged with your fingers gently to block oil pump inlet, try starting the engine, if when I feel thoroughly, to prove that the push rod is in good condition. 2, fingertips, without a sense sucked that push rod has been damaged, fuel injection pump should be replaced as a whole. Electric fuel pump work, if they give a powerful pump oil, shows that the pump is in good condition, if without the oil pump, instructions for oil pump failure.
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