Excavator oil sensor problem?

by:HMB     2021-01-25
An excavator is working on oil suddenly appeared the fault alarm, dashboard driver immediately stop for inspection, oil through the oil oil dipstick check oil level, viscosity is normal? Remove the oil filter cartridge is normal? Results more than two works, because there is no suitable detection tools, unable to further check, customer hope we can help them to make further checks to troubleshoot, mechanical returned to normal use. What reason causes in the process of engine working oil pressure exception? We first make a detailed analysis of the causes. Wuxi myers. Hitachi will each cylinder shrink as much as possible to the * * * small stroke, exposed part of the hydraulic oil daub ( Grease) , remove the battery terminal, cab cover good shield, lock the doors. Storage process, starting excavator, once a month after preheating run slowly rotating, walking and front attachment, to check all the action is normal. Note: normal use the machine to be agent for ICX to set. A: according to the bucket work object is different, the wear condition is different also. Strengthening and maintenance/repair work is the key to extend the life of the bucket, but the excessive reinforcement/repair can cause & other instead Work performance & throughout; Or & other Work reduced speed & throughout; And reduce & other; Throughout the efficiency &; 。 Ordinary using general purpose bucket digging, reinforce the weighted standard should be a bucket of the weight of 10 ~ 15%. Using general purpose bucket rock digging, reinforce the aggravating standard should be a bucket of the weight of 20 to 25%. Bucket when welding requirements of welding material and bucket performance fit ( Knife plate for SM495 before bucket. Diesel engine lubrication system is mainly composed of the oil pan, oil pump, oil filter, oil heater, the main way, oil duct, low oil pressure alarm sensor, oil oil temperature is too high alarm sensor, pressure limiting valve and the by-pass valve. Low oil pressure basically has the following several reasons: Hitachi is equivalent to domestic 16 mn, the rest for SS400, domestic Q235) 。 The correct way of mining, can protect the bucket tooth, prevent the bucket bucket tooth damage. Bucket tooth wear and mining functions are falling. Because both sides of the bucket tooth wear and tear, mining method, should be considered wear equilibrium. If the center bucket tooth and the difference between the lengths of the dipper teeth on both ends of 2 ~ 3 cm, should carry on the exchange. ZX machines is the EX - 5 engine oil consumption, how to do that? Answer: engine oil is transported to various parts of the engine, to lubrication components. In the lubrication of piston, cylinder liner, the turbocharger parts, very little part of the oil will burn, parts of evaporation due to high fever. So the oil decreased with the increase of working time. The same model, at the same time, the engine of the same production operation, the consumption of oil is not necessarily the same. The reasons are: the higher the load, fuel consumption is larger; The influence of operating conditions. Insufficient 1 oil fuel oil if the oil amount, will reduce oil pump pump oil or oil due to enter the air pump, and makes oil pressure drops, the crankshaft and bearing, cylinder liner and piston will aggravate wear due to bad lubrication. Therefore, we should check the oil level in oil pan before work every day, ensure the oil level is normal, when should add the same manufacturer to produce the same type of oil. Hitachi excavator maintenance case analysis, an excavator work in normal driving, the water temperature is normal, but the overload occurs when water temperature rise quickly, let's look at doosan excavator water temperature rise in general common faults. First master engineering machinery maintenance inspection found that the capacity of the cooling water is very sufficient, cooling fan belt work is normal, then the excavator maintenance master thermostat will be removed after water thermometer still appear high temperature phenomenon, and to continue to check the results found that the cooling water pump impeller have serious wear and tear, then change a new pump but still has not ruled out fault, so the excavator maintenance master began to rule out every detail carefully, teardown and found the engine as well as the calibre of the circulating water outlet pipe size, but the minor cycle pipe diameter is larger, the engine cooling water or pulmonary circulation state, most of the water without heat to form the state of high temperature, all will cause high temperature in the above phenomenon, replace the thermostat after troubleshooting. 2 oil pump does not turn if oil pump drive gear and the drive shaft of flat key damage or loss; Set of filter device damaged oil pump foreign body, gear is jammed, can make oil pump stops, the oil pressure drop to zero. At this point a damaged flat key or set filter should be replaced. 3 oil pump pump pump shaft and bushing wear machine, gear clearances between the clearance between the pump cover and end face due to abrasion, backlash, or radial clearance is too large, will lead to pump oil decreases, and the machine oil pressure drop. At this point should replace worn parts, grinding plane inside the pump cover, the clearance between the gear end face and make it back to the standard range. Hitachi will not lead to shorten the service life of the piston rod and effective, can be at ease use. Replace the hydraulic oil can also be made to effectively improve the phenomenon.
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