Excavator nozzle clogged, only three reasons! Be sure to know

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Tight oil cylinder butter mouth have bigger pressure, need special tools and under the premise of pay attention to safety to remove, not in the scope of this article. This article will mainly speak common need butter lubrication part of the troubleshooting, real gentleman will separate open an article to write up the maintenance of the tight oil cylinder. Dear JiaYou also want more, had better not to remove. Check nozzle check nozzle clogging is very simple, first disconnect the grease nipple, perfectly on the grease gun to try to know. If the oil is normal is no problem, if there is a problem directly in a nozzle, how much money it would be useless. Grease nipple is very simple, using a wrench or socket nozzle can be plucked, real gentleman is commonly use sleeve! Grease nipple down not to drop how to do but if the nozzle is hit or rust, hexagonal deformation, often cause nozzle can't remove. Then you can use a screwdriver ( A word and cross are) , smashing into the grease nipple gently, then counterclockwise screw down. If still not come down, it is also possible to use extractor and the silk, or directly with a drill to grease nipple drilling off! If simple clear grease nipple no problem, you with wire to grease nipple to the bushing in the middle of the oil lobby. A large part of the congestion problem will be resolved in this step, if not yet you continue to look down. Check the pin and bushing if still can't into the butter, basic can judge bushing rusty or be stuck. This kind of circumstance to pin type, and clean or replace the bushing to the shaft sleeve! Play pin this sort of thing, of course, is a physical strength live, using a sledgehammer to, of course, if have better tools, such as sliding hammer will make you get twice the result with half the effort! Play out what to do if the pin shaft pin because of the lack of butter lubrication and protection of rust, I'm afraid to play pin can be difficult. Some JiaYou can choose with the method of the fire, according to the principle of heat bilges cold shrink to boring, and remove the pin. Real gentleman strongly do not recommend this because too far, the performance of metal will change. Use may cause hidden danger for the future. If determine the pin will need to be replaced, there is a real king little skill, also is the great god in the BBS insensitive wulin that learned, is the middle of the pin in the welding melting point and pulled out a hole, or burn out a cross petals. So take a pin is easier! Deep clean and install normally has emerged within the bushing wear can have impurities such as sand, if not directly back to remove, shaft sleeve and the shaft pin will still have larger wear. Now that you have all parts to be removed, if the condition allows, real gentleman strongly suggest you use gasoline or rust remover bushing and butter pathways to clean ( Change new is good also, of course) 。 Some of the butter, after cleaning can reinstall the normal construction and earn big money! 1 small doohickey after and real one is engaged in the excavator and forklift maintenance more than 10 years experience of friends, namely BBS JiaYou silence of the lambs E communication, 80% of butter jams and shaft pin wear are not grease fitting problem. Because oil seal and because all sorts of reasons to produce the space between the pin set, into the sand and stone at the end of the result in ( Don't feel much butter can seal here) 。 The solution is simple, is to take the oxygen gas welding line in the middle of the most common string after wire bundle in the clearance. Or take a conveyor belt of wire should be tied to the clearance, can very good protection for the pin. Various protection method, of course, is not limited to these, real gentleman also met with the bike truck inner tube directly tied to the, anyway as long as can have the effect of the parcel. Simple this operation allows you to play less butter, also won't wear bushing. Write in the last dozen butter in fact from the first day of our apprentice began the most basic, the most daily work. Even when you are in extremely arid remote mines, may not be able to wash a face to brush your teeth every day, but it can't beat butter province! But if can't do regular maintenance, and even grinding pin is broken, can only say: real king may you really don't suitable for to do this! Real gentleman also called on at the same time, the factory at the time of manufacture can focus on user needs, the butter filling design more human. Such as concentrated refueling, electric charging butter. Main boss in order to their own devices healthier, his tractor driver can concentrate better drivers, conditional will buy some convenient maintenance equipment!
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