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by:HMB     2021-01-21
Excavator accessories manufacturers found that now river dredging, high-rise buildings and dismantling and other projects need to rely on excavator extended arm, modified the excavator has played a key role in these projects. After modified extended arm will appear all sorts of fault. Excavator parts small make up for all kinds of faults are analyzed.

converted into three drivers extended arm, 2-phase, three-step and four-paragraph extended arm; According to the operation methods to points can be divided into the open floor, pits, pile driving arm arms, etc. ; According to their performance to points can be divided into fixed extended arm, slippage, telescopic extension arm extended arm, etc. ; Is often used when cleaning up rivers modified two-pass drivers extended arm, but sometimes with site conditions change and choose a different extended arms.

all kinds of fault analysis: 1, drivers right walking and bucket no action, movable arm and arm action is slow. After replace the control valve assembly seal in this failure. After measuring the pressure of the pump when you receive the bucket to 1. 5 mpa, is far less than the normal 28. 5Mpa。 In preparation for the exchange of two way valve, found that the relief valve position for a plug on one side of the fault and the original location of the plug is installed the safety valve. Exchange of correct position after normal machine. The original maintenance personnel change after the control valve assembly of the seal, this group of valve and relief valve plug position installed backwards.

2, after converted into excavator extended arm, slow car, unable to first check whether the pressure is insufficient. If less than first decompose the forerunner pressure pump. If discover the forerunner pump input axis skeleton oil seal has extrusion, excavator accessories manufacturers think that there are two reasons: one is installation problem, the second is there pressure is too high. Continue to break down found the forerunner of the pump oil seal reverse direction. Here is the real reason of failure, when started working, skeleton oil seal is not damaged, completely can still work normally, because the skeleton oil seal can only under low pressure, so oil seal is damaged, soon led to the pilot pressure oil leaking from damaged.

3, after converted into excavator extended arm, bucket rod oil cylinder piston rod automatically after the engine starting back, other action to normal. If discover the rest of the action is normal, filed a movable arm arm after sinking rapidly. Exchange after the bucket rod guide tube failure is still that fault in the control valve or bucket rod oil cylinder, excavator accessories manufacturers recommendations based on the principle of easy after the first difficult. Overhauling control valve stem, found that the stem card in piston rod retracted position, with a rubber Lang head and brass rod vibration after take out the valve stem. Contact is with shiny iron, at the end of the bucket rod sinking rapidly. Judge fault source for extended arm arm cylinder strain, overhauling bucket rod oil cylinder after confirmed. Emergence of modified drivers extended arm, solve the puzzled people for a long time of desilting and other construction problem, it is like a river on the guards, to our side of the river is more clean, lakes water more clear. The excavator accessories manufacturers hope that the above analysis can help you.

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