Excavator maintenance matters

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Daily check hydraulic excavator is the basic guarantee for the safe and efficient operation and prolong service life, can seal all kinds of faults, defects detection and repair in time, avoid further developed into the key fault, and excavator serious damage. Daily tally of objects including the machine, engine, hydraulic parts, walking system, mainly about muscle, work unit, the oil allowance, lights and wipers etc. , for visual and touch. First to see if there are any more strange appearance, then around the machine chassis to see if there is a crack parts and slewing bearing to see if there is oil leak; Then check the final reduction gear mechanism for the oil permeability and four-wheel area of the bolt, if there are any loose order should be in accordance with the provisions, moment and tighten, if there is damage, should be replaced in a timely manner. So rubber-tyred excavator should check the tires are in good condition, air pressure is in accordance with the provisions. Check the digging bucket and bucket teeth, dulling dipper teeth should be replaced immediately, according to relevant data show that cutting resistance of bucket tooth wear bucket will increase by 60% ~ 80%, and this will significantly reduce the efficiency of bucket. Check carefully whether the movable arm and bucket rod tiny crack, oil cylinder leaks oil and charging state of butter. Battery is power source of electrical system of excavator, check the battery electrolyte remaining amount above the lowest level, ensure the normal order of the storage battery to power supply. Check the cleaners and wiper, washing liquid bottle washing water level, when it is necessary to add; Like a blade wear, streaks, should be replaced. Air filter is the first level of air into the engine, the filtered clean air into the cylinder to participate in the fuel combustion. Check air filter cartridge can use compressed air to clean up dust and air dust content in large area USES excavator, it should be added to check the number of air filter. Check the hydraulic pump oil in and out of the mouth, ensure no leakage and loose. Pump chamber fuel filter and oil filter, should change time as stipulated in the factory, such as long-term work under bad working conditions, can replace the fuel filter and oil filter in advance. Hydraulic oil quantity count on the chamber door buckle overlock, relatively hidden, don't forget to check the pump chamber to check the hydraulic oil allowance. To ensure that the oil on the oil level in the vernier scale 'L' and 'H' line between, such as below 'L' calibration, should be added. Oil level abnormal, want to find out the reason as soon as possible, check again after troubleshooting. Due to the particularity of excavator work place, should as far as possible let the machine in a horizontal section check can only be concluded that more accurate oil scale line. In addition, the normal operation of the engine also requires enough fuel, cooling water, fuel tank and water tank inspection and check. To do a good job of daily check hydraulic excavator, ask the operator to read the excavators operating instructions, specifications and performance of excavator, hydraulic system principle, the structure and characteristics of hydraulic components such as an in-depth understanding of carefully. Constantly improve their own professional theory knowledge, rich in terms of installation, use, maintenance and repair of practical experience.
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