Excavator maintenance instructions

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Excavator maintenance how does not reach the designated position, directly affect the service life of the machine. Air filter is like air into the engine drivers to hurdle, will filter out the impurity and particles, so as to ensure the normal order of the engine operation, the clean and replace the air filter drivers what are the considerations? Before the maintenance maintenance of air filter, you must first shut down the engine, and ensure safety control rod in the lock, if change in engine operation, cleaning, dust into the engine. Clean air filter drivers of note: 1. When the air filter cleaning, bear in mind that can't use a screwdriver or other tool to remove the air filter shell cover or outside filter, etc. 2. When cleaning, do not remove the filter, or dust will enter problems leading to the engine. 3. When cleaning the air filter, don't use anything on flap or filter, when clearing the air filter is open for a long time. 4. After cleaning the need confirmation cartridge filter material, packing, or the use of rubber sealing parts, can't continue to use the damaged. 5. After cleaning the filter element, when the use light to check, if found a small hole on the filter element or thin section, need to replace filter. 6. Every cleaning filter, is to be removed from the air filter assembly cover one sweep frequency. Replace the air filter drivers of note: when the excavator filter cleaning 6 times, rubber seal or damage cases, such as the filter material will need to replace the air filter in time, basically has the following precautions when replacing. 1. Remember to replace outside filter, the filter will be replaced at the same time. 2. Cannot use the gasket have been damaged, as well as the filter material of rubber seal is damaged or filter. 3. Cannot use the fake filter, because the filtering effect and sealing are poor, after the dust can damage the engine. 4. When the filter seal or filter material breakage deformation, the new parts to replace. 5. Whether need to check the sealing parts of the new filter adhesion with dust or grease, so need to clean. 6. Insert filter, if the end of the rubber expansion, or external filter without push is loaded on the card buckle and hard cover, so there will be a risk of damage to the cover or filter shell.
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