Excavator maintenance and maintenance

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Bolt screw too tight: excavator in the process of dismantling, many parts of the bolt are torque requirements, such as gearbox, cylinder head, wheel hub, connecting rod and, in areas such as the front axle tightening torque has special provisions in the specification, must not optional change. But many users are mistaken for some will be more security, but twist too tight will cause the screw or bolt broken, can also be caused by screw thread slipping fault. Tire pressure is too high: rubber-tyred excavator tire inflation pressure is important factor of the efficiency of work and life. Tire air pressure too high or too low will affect its service life, but also not conducive to safe driving, especially in hot summer. Science of charging standard should be: based on the standard of the tire pressure, as the change of temperature, tire pressure slightly adjusted. For example: summer should be 5% lower than the winter 7%, because of considering the high summer temperatures, gas heating, higher pressure, on the contrary the winter must meet the standard air pressure or slightly lower. Radiator boiled immediately add cold water: engine overload operation, heat dissipation is not good or deficiency can cause water tank water boiled, add cold water immediately if at this time will cause the cylinder head and cylinder block. Therefore, once found in use boiled water tanks, emergency measures should be taken to stop operation, make the diesel engine cooling water to cool. Just don't change: avoid oil oil in use of diesel engine is indispensable, mainly plays a role of lubrication, cooling and cleaning, etc. As a result, many drivers will pay attention to the oil amount to check the oil, and according to the standard to add, but neglected the lubricating oil quality check and has deteriorated oil replacement, cause some engine moving parts are always in poor lubrication conditions, so as to accelerate the wear parts. Under normal circumstances the oil consumption is not large, but it is very easy to pollution, to protect the role of the diesel engine. In the process of diesel engine operation, many dirt ( Fuel oil incomplete combustion generated carbon smoke, carbon deposit and scale, etc. ) Will enter into the oil. For new or after major repair machinery, commissioning after impurities will be more, if only not change is eager to be put into use, it is easy to cause tile burning, holding shaft and other accidents. In addition, even if the oil change, some drivers due to lack of maintenance experience or graph save trouble, also when replacement is not thoroughly clean the oil duct, make the mechanical impurity still lingers in the oil pan and oil.
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