Excavator maintain undeserved damage to engine that nots allow to ignore, don't you still dare to long to maintain?

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Actually excavator maintenance of more than 50% of the failures, all because of one thing not to do. That's regular service. ( Inspect and replace the air filter) More than 50%? So the absolute? My answer is yes, so high, and even the proportion only high not low! Then we was combined with a typical case. Case details: a caterpillar, first appeared in the process of driving the engine sounded, shortly before the engine stopped working, how let the lighter start can't work normally. Then a pit of rescue telephone call. According to the description of the driver, at first determine there is a problem because the engine components ( Fuel injector atomization is bad) 。 Fault vehicle traction to pit, then began dismantling check for fault. All six injector tear open come down to a detection rust is dead. And a cylinder is a big gap in the whole of the spark plug, connecting rod and crank shaft joint and several small tile has been wear and tear. ( Connecting rod failure machine abnormal wear) And the problem the reason is very simple, is to maintain undeserved, diesel filter does not change in time, often to add small oil, engine oil work time is too long will not be changed. A, abnormal wear of the crankshaft. Three, two, connecting rod abnormal wear on a cylinder liner wear. Well these are the early wear. ( Trouble truck crankshaft abnormal wear) Corresponding maintenance processing method is all apart, will this car engine cylinder block on the lathe to next cylinder liner, reassemble the SanPeiTao, new crankshaft, connecting rod connecting rod. Finally will reassemble the test engine, complete maintenance. ( Trouble truck connecting rod wear) Less maintenance, the wave said also get two or three days, delay time to earn money, maintenance cost is not small. How to calculate that the money is to save not to come out. Maybe you will ask, that does not make improper maintenance fault can account for more than 50%. Then continue to look down, maybe I can convince you point of view. ( 2 trouble truck three cylinder to film) Just mentioned the car just repair end, again a car, fault phenomenon is leaking oil. The same engine overhaul, after inspection, found that three cylinder supporting components anomaly, sludge on the cylinder head is very thick. The oil is filled with the flavor of the soil. Also because of long time not to maintain the accumulated parts damage caused by the fault. ( 2 trouble truck cylinder head out of the sludge accumulation) This is I see the actual fault cases. Then I will elaborate my point of view. For a car, the related maintenance of engine, gearbox maintenance of brake system maintenance, maintenance of tire components, post-processing system and so on inspection and maintenance, these are little not. Although cannot say maintenance will not be out of order, but if we don't maintain, the failure probability is bound to change, you agree to this? And there is something wrong with the can to overhaul to change. Wasted time, earn the maintenance cost also let a person love dearly. In addition, in the pit of five days, I saw the car in to accept the service can be divided into three kinds, one kind is car accident, one kind is to make all aspects of maintenance of vehicles, the third class is a big failure to repair, after checking in the final analysis to find the reason, is in before the maintenance issues.
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