Excavator main operation way, know that can improve the work

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Excavator application range is very wide, through the change of different accessory device, such as hydraulic hammer, hydraulic shear, plow, grab and so on can complete crushing, disassembly, grab and so on the many kinds of homework. 1. Backhoe excavator backhoe homework assignments in the ground below, mainly composed of mining. ( 1) Use the bucket rod and bucket joint mining. When the bucket hydraulic cylinder and connecting rod, rod hydraulic cylinder and fights the rod is a 90 - degree Angle, can achieve maximum digging force and the mining efficiency 2 ( 2) Try to make the bucket tooth direction consistent with the direction of mining, reduce the digging resistance and bucket tooth wear. 2. Excavator is shovel homework is shovel operation above the ground, the rotation of the bucket way with the | ^ instead. Use the bucket rod hydraulic cylinder scraping the ground. Is time the shovel digging force is less than the backhoe digging force. 3. Excavators digging ditches operation through configuration and the width of the groove corresponding to the bucket, on both sides of the track and the parallel to the edge of trench, can undertake trenching work efficiently. Digging the wide ditch, the two sides to dig, dig to middle part finally. 4. Excavators loading ended when loading operations, should first move excavator to load the truck, so as to avoid turning bucket when touch and truck cab or other personnel, and at the back of the truck loaded more easily than beside the truck. Loading more convenient since the backward before loading, and loading capacity is big. 5. Excavator is flat and level ground, 1) To fill and level up and made the ground to level way back and forth motion bucket. ( 2) When excavator to move, do not use the means of pressure or shovel to level off the ground. ( 3) You level off from the ground in front of the excavator, and then gently pull arm, slowly ascending movable arm, when the bucket rod than vertical position, first carefully drop movable arm, to operate the machine, let the bucket moving in horizontal way.
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