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by:HMB     2021-01-14
Many people think of excavator is digging machine, used to hold a car, dig a trench or leveling the ground. Excavator actually do a lot of kinds of work, such as crushing, demolition, lifting and so on, these are the excavator to the work. For newcomers, excavator lifting is a very dangerous job, excavator accessories manufacturers today need to pay attention to in hoisting operation. Hoisting assignment: effect of hydraulic excavator for lifting operation, should confirm that the hoisting site ambient conditions, use the hook on the high strength and steel wire rope, lifting will try to use the special lifting device; Practices should choose the operation mode, the movement wants slow balance; The wire length, appropriate for too long can make larger 'swinging and difficult to precise control; To properly adjust bucket position, in order to prevent the steel cord slippage; Construction personnel don't get close to lifting objects as far as possible, to prevent because of improper operation risk.

hoisting is common in situ transship, short-distance transport, loading unloading. Stands firm, the more easily. Small, length of wire rope lift available under the condition of dipper teeth, convenient and quick. ( Wire rope is too long suggested that always fights back off, in order to avoid a too high wire rope slipped out of the bucket tooth) Big also, according to the length of wire rope and lifting height decided to use the bucket tooth or fight back. If a bucket tooth crane, particularly heavy things hang a few more bucket teeth. ( Now a lot of drivers on the back of coal tub welding have hook, a generation of drivers behind surface and rings is more convenient and safe) No excavator accessories manufacturers recommended by connecting rod work sheet in crane. In the process of crane running at a constant speed. Hoisting technique 1, safe hoisting prevent commonly used while falling excavator hoisting bucket to object, according to different lifting objects, the bucket at the back of the hook can be used, can be directly on the bucket teeth. The two hook the place to be decided according to the actual situation, otherwise it will cause potential safety hazard. Generally has a hook behind the bucket, with lifting is the safest here, especially the need to lift the object to a certain height, if the rope hung on the bucket teeth, in the process of lifting is easy to slide. The hook can guarantee the rope will not slide, is the most recommended safe lifting. Then use the bucket tooth hoisting completely is not recommended? Of course not, when lifting objects close to the excavators, is very suitable for hook up directly with the bucket tooth objects. In addition if you need a lift when the distance is not very tall, with a bucket tooth hook is also very convenient and efficient.

2, footwall stability to prevent the accident to prevent excavator capsized, hoisting excavators must stand on the a level down; If you must on the slope lifting objects, we can dig out a level of downtime. In addition to the downtime, excavators of the front of the chassis is also very important, hoisting direction and chassis crawler direction Angle of more small excavators more security, the greater the Angle of excavator overthrow the easier. Excavator in hoisting, actually is the state of a lever, are aware of hoisting object center of gravity to excavator focus distance. The nearer the excavator's center of gravity, lifting objects, the greater the excavator safety, hoisting capacity can also play to the largest; Lifting the further the object from the focus of excavator, excavator overturned the risk, the greater the lifting capacity of excavator is restricted.

3, the reasonable operation safety first pay attention to the rational control sequence when hoisting, priority ascending arm, when after the big arm in place can open the forearm and bucket, will play a promote effect. Hoisting object is to pay attention to, don't need to increase is too high, the excavator attachments manufacturer to remind a certain don't ask too much, once the excavator is in danger of capsizing, large arm down to the first time, the lifting of objects on the ground quickly. Sometimes excavator in lifting objects, not only to do the rise and fall of vertical direction, and put objects into a certain Angle position. At this moment need to coordinate site construction personnel command gestures, rotating adjusting Angle, need to track and rotary movement at the same time. Construction personnel don't get close to lifting objects as far as possible, to prevent because of improper operation risk. 【 Mechanical 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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