Excavator hydraulic system - — Clean is the first law

by:HMB     2021-01-28
When the machinery used to a certain life, will appear a series of problem, so how can we prevent? In daily operation and how to maintain them? Today, small excavator as an example and explain in detail about how to maintain the mechanical one of the most important part of & ndash; — The hydraulic system. Due to the main components of the hydraulic system contains impurities from mechanical own rusty scraps and the wear debris and part of the outside world of dust, therefore, we should improve the protection consciousness in daily work, try to avoid unnecessary secondary pollution. 1. When the hydraulic oil use up to 2000 hours, and its oil will exist in the trace impurities air, when the air into the hydraulic system, then flows into the oil will be formed bubbles. Once the air mixed with oil, can cause the hydraulic oil oxidation, oxidation of the oil will produce acid, make the oil black or red, lead to weakened the oil properties and corrosion on the mechanical parts. If can't timely to oil to clean up after oxidation, over time, rusty impurities may clog pipe hydraulic system caused by congestion, which seriously affect the machinery used normal operation. When sediment clogging hydraulic system for a long time, can directly lead to poor hydraulic system radiator cooling. When the hydraulic oil temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, the hydraulic oil will lose lubrication, is mechanical wear, the air content in the oil increase, the bubble have accelerated the oil oxidation, random again caused by mechanical wear and tear, a vicious cycle of failure. 2. Due to the different seasons climate, the temperature difference and temperature difference in the morning and evening, cause mechanical hydraulic system there are different levels of condensation water, it is as if very professional operators also hard to avoid problems. Therefore, we must as far as possible to minimize such phenomenon. In different seasons to choose appropriate to the hydraulic oil, when the hydraulic oil using a certain length should be fully discharge and after the outer wall of the hydraulic system clean, add new hydraulic oil after precipitation into the mailbox to appropriate amount. Only in this way can the maximum extent to reduce the hydraulic system failure caused by moisture. Therefore, for the correct way of curing the excavator hydraulic system is regularly will fuel tank and oil discharge deposition oil regularly, and clear, to reduce the moisture in the oil and impurities, the maximum extent to protect the quality of the oil make the machinery in use in the process of maximizing its performance.
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