Excavator hydraulic how to judge the fault

by:HMB     2021-01-25
1. Intuitive method for some relatively simple fault, can see, fingerprint, listening to the sounds and smell to check parts. Through visual inspection can be found, for example, such as fracture, loose and deformation failure phenomenon, such as oil leakage, thereby can timely repair or replacement parts; With the hand hold tubing ( Especially the hose) , when can have vibration to feel pressure oil flow out of date, and no oil flow or pressure too low would not have this kind of phenomenon. In addition, hand touch can also be used to determine hydraulic components lubrication situation with mechanical transmission parts are in good condition, with the hand feel the shell temperature change, if the shell element is overheating, shows poor lubrication; The ear can determine the result of a damaged mechanical parts fault point and the extent of damage, such as hydraulic pump suction empty, such as relief valve opens, the issuing of component failure send out like water rushing sound or & other; Water ChuiSheng & throughout; Such as abnormal noise; Some parts will be due to overheating, bad lubrication and corrosion and emits an odor, by sniffing can judge the fault point. CTP caterpillar parts, caterpillar 797, carter accessories, engine accessories. 2. Exchange diagnosis at the scene of the maintenance of the lack of diagnostic instrument or by element compare the precision should not be open, this method should be adopted to doubt failure element will be removed, a new job or other machines normal, same components to test and see can diagnose fault can be ruled out. With exchange check fault diagnosis, in spite of structure, field components reserves or remove the disadvantageous factors such as limit, it also can be tricky, but for such as balancing valve, relief valve, check valve, such as small volume, easy disassembling components, using this method is more convenient. Exchange diagnosis method can avoid the blind disassembly and results in the decrease of the performance of the hydraulic components. Checks of the above failure if not exchange method, but directly to remove the suspicious of the main relief valve and dismantling, if the parts have no problem, after refitted might affect their performance. CTP caterpillar parts, caterpillar 797, carter accessories, engine parts 3. Table measurement test CTP caterpillar parts, caterpillar 797, carter parts, engine parts with parts for hydraulic system pressure, flow rate and the oil temperature of hydraulic oil measurement to judge the fault point of the system at the scene of the general tests, due to the faults of hydraulic system is often characterized by insufficient pressure, easy to find sleep; And traffic detection is more difficult, the size of the flow can only make rough judgment through the movement speed of executive components. Therefore, in the field tests, more to adopt the method of testing the system pressure. Fail, the more common is the loss of hydraulic pressure. If found problems for hydraulic oil cylinder, can be further processing: in general, the leakage of hydraulic oil cylinder is divided into inside leaking and leaked two kinds. As long as we observe carefully we can determine the cause of the external leakage. And determine the cause of the internal leakage of hydraulic oil cylinder is more difficult, this is because the internal leakage of parts we can't be directly observed. CTP caterpillar parts, caterpillar 797, carter accessories, engine accessories, external leakage. 1 with the piston rod, piston rod out side of the seal is damaged, mostly caused by the piston cylinder is hair, also has caused aging. 2, the piston rod out side with cylinder seal damage, this is caused by long-term use of seal aging more, also has a lot of end cover on is too hard to seal extrusion is damaged, there is a lot of domestic manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder design is not reasonable, in most cases, the manufacturer is in order to save cost. 3, oil cylinder in and out of the tubing joint cracking can also lead to the leakage of hydraulic oil cylinder. 4, cylinder or cylinder end cover defective caused by oil spill. 5, the piston rod is pulled up the tank, a pit points, etc. CTP caterpillar parts, caterpillar 797, carter parts, engine parts, lubricating oil metamorphism made higher oil cylinder temperature anomaly, prompting seal aging. 7, often more than oil cylinder pressure range use caused by a leak. Second, internal leakage. 1, severe wear on piston ring wear, lead to friction between the piston and cylinder liner, the strain of cylinder liner, piston and seal. 2, seal failure, the long-term use of the piston seal ( How is U, V, Y type ring, etc. ) Aging. CTP caterpillar parts, caterpillar 797, carter parts, engine parts 3, the hydraulic oil dirty, a lot of impurities into the oil cylinder piston seal wear to bad, generally for scrap iron or other foreign material. Three, the hydraulic oil cylinder use the matters needing attention. 1, we should pay attention to when using usual protective good external surface of the piston rod, prevent the damage of knock against and scratches on the seals, now some engineering machine oil cylinder will design a protective plate, although have, but usually we still need to pay attention to prevent knock against and scratches. Also, often need to clean up the oil cylinder seal shield parts and exposed on the piston rod of the sediment, to prevent the paste on the surface of the piston rod is not easy to clean up the dirt to enter inside the cylinder, piston, cylinder or seal damage. 2, normal use, we also pay attention to check the screw, bolt connection parts, found loose fastening good immediately. Loose because these places can cause the hydraulic oil cylinder oil, it is for the personnel engaged in engineering machinery is easy to understand.
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