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by:HMB     2021-01-17

according to statistic of excavator parts manufacturer, 1-2018 July excavator export sales to 10681 units, one hundred and eighteen percent year-on-year growth. 7. This year 1 - Excavator export sales continue to rise in July and sold more than 1786 units in July, up one hundred and seventy-one percent from a year earlier. 0, a one-month highs. 1 - July, total sales of 10681 units, up one hundred and eighteen percent from a year earlier. 7. manufacturer from the export proportion, 1 - Industry sales in July 131246, export sales accounted for eight percent of total sales. 14. Export growth is higher than domestic sales growth this year, the export proportion is rising steadily. Export sales in Europe and the United States this year is the most largest brand contribution, homebred brand export growth 1-2018 In July, Chinese, Japanese, European and American and Korean brand sales of 6247 units, respectively, 231, 4008 and 195, accounted for fifty-eight percent. 49, and two percent. 16, thirty-seven percent. 52 (one percent). 83. Compared with 2017, Europe and the United States and Korea share increase 15 respectively. 38 pct, 1。 83 PCT, Chinese and Japanese accounts for 15 below, respectively. 47 pct, 1。 75pct。 think 1 - this year Export sales growth in July, Europe and the United States is the most largest contribution to the brand, and the carter bielefeld exports accounted for ninety-four percent of the European and American brands. 01, export sales reached 3768 units, has more than 1910 units last year, the main reason is that carter bielefeld engineering is turned off, Belgium and Canada exports increased in China. And homebred brand continued growth trend since 2016, and growth in constant rise, growth of around fifty percent for the year.

trinity occupy the main exports of domestic brands, liugong, sunvo intelligent, xugong, and other enterprises follow; From the 1 - excavator attachments manufacturer In July of the export of domestic brands accounted, trinity occupy the main export, export sales of 3355 units, fifty-four percent of export sales of domestic brands, liugong, sunvo intelligent, xugong, followed by export sales of 851, 840 and 667 respectively, fourteen percent, thirteen percent and eleven percent. From the 1 - excavator parts manufacturer In July, four major export enterprise data, data in a slight fluctuations, but the overall rendering from upward trend, show strong export growth trend.

& other benefits; The silk road & throughout; Strategy propulsion, excavator sales are expected to maintain sustained growth in exports: excavator spare parts manufacturers from the first quarter of this year the customs data, domestic excavator export market first few called Iran, Indonesia, the Philippines, Burma, the United States, Turkey, Belgium, Thailand, Russia and other countries, most of them & other; The silk road & throughout; Along the country, benefit from the project construction in succession, along with drivers and other engineering machinery equipment demand is bigger. the long term, & other; The silk road & throughout; Along the country mostly in developing countries, engineering machinery market has just started, the domestic construction machinery enterprises take the lead in these emerging markets layout, is expected to gain first mover advantage, export market is expected to keep growing in the future.

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