Excavator engine valve plunger, the cause of the bending

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Engine valve of the top bar bent for the following reasons: under normal circumstances the valve plunger is not bent when the general is the valve in the return of impeded or contact with the piston momentarily, this will happen. 。 Unauthorised changes to the vehicle exhaust, weakened into a back pressure. Have to readjust the valve. Lead to the exhaust flame over, instantaneous and the door of the gas burning stick the valve itself after annealing cause bending rigidity, more serious when burned valve and the door. Too little valve clearance, adjustment. Momentary contact in the valve and piston, bending. Hello if it is the individual inlet bend when idle jitter acceleration engine temper severity was out of the car if it is the individual bending idle jitter acceleration to the engine exhaust valve blasting serious when engine exhaust pipe if it is all bent seriously have to burn the red car can't start hello! Piston type is wrong, such as rocker arm; 3, the valve timing, catheter 1 valve clearance adjustment improper; 2, valve represent only personal point of view, don't like do not spray, thank you. Is caused by the valve clearance is too small. Because of the small valve clearance plunger, open the valve will shorten the schedule and when the valve fully open, valve plunger haven't reached the maximum normal schedule, will continue upward, but at this point the valve to be opened entirely, valve rocker arm unable to exercise, but below the plunger of the CAM will continue to push the plunger upward, so ejector is extruded by the valve rocker arm, and CAM, resulting in bending deformation. Before it is possible that your engine gear room distribution time hair disorderly because of the CAM shaft turn first resurrected fault check point of the follower upward to the top of head piston upward valve by the rocker arm will push rod top corner to engine damage must have been some but as long as the valve is a little bit bent will leak caused by valve closes lax power is a little down other replace push-rod valve clearance should be no problem, adjusted the chopsticks are bent valve is not closed tightly, valve seal or valve card character didn't put in place, the absence of chopsticks, all valves are closed, this belongs to the typical assembly is not careful, chopsticks have you finished your turn the crankshaft and check the hydraulic radial clearance survive the chopsticks, if to the crankshaft to check, immediately can be found that the radial clearance is too large and chopsticks, not cause a downturn of the chopsticks from the rocker arm, sandwiched between the rocker arm and the CAM shaft, the rocker arm bent
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