Excavator engine to burn oil

by:HMB     2021-01-30
Excavator engine burning oil can be divided into three conditions: cold car burning oil, accelerated burning oil and burning oil under any circumstances. Among them, all cases to burn oil is most serious, need to overhaul of the engine, otherwise easy to cause accident. Cold car burning oil refers to start the excavator for the first time, in the morning after the exhaust pipe will have relatively strong blue smoke discharge. Blue smoke disappear over a period of time, the general won't have a similar situation again. And the next day starts the excavators have similar problems happen again. It is understood that this is because the valve seal aging and serious wear and tear, and cannot achieve good sealing effect. When the engine not running one night, the oil will be through valve seal due to gravity flow into the cylinder. Once the engine starting, the oil in the cylinder under the action of high temperature and high pressure combustion produces a lot of blue smoke. Accelerated to burn oil refers to in the process of vehicle travel such as accelerator pedal or place the car when the accelerator pedal, a lot of blue smoke from the exhaust pipes. When severe, but on the road after the accelerator pedal, saw the blue smoke from the exhaust pipe side of the mirror. This is because the engine piston ring and cylinder wall, untight seal urgent acceleration from the crankcase shot time oil directly into the cylinders, lead to burn oil. Any circumstances to burn oil, this is the most severe cases, a kind of burning oil. This situation shows the engine already wear serious, need an overhaul, otherwise it will cause serious accidents.
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