Excavator engine speed solution

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Diesel engine speed is refers to the diesel engine speed out of control, speed is more and more high failure. Speed will result in diesel engine cylinder spot, broken shaft and other major accidents. In diesel engine is generally just start or work load when it is suddenly disappear or reduce speed fault, and work under load, the speed of failure will not occur. The reasons are flying cars. 1, governor shell lubrication add too much, speed fast to jilt, influence the speed control function; Governor friction clutch slippage; Governor speed limit screw loose and security; Swift emergence or binding; Speed, thrust bearing, or broken springs governor bearing damage, make the governor failure, caused by speed. Monomer 2, single cylinder diesel engine fuel injection pump governor drive sliding sleeve gets stuck, cause failure of speed adjustment, speed problems. 3, fuel injection pump plunger matching parts for installation of skew or grease gets stuck, have to rotate, lose speed rack boat, multi-cylinder pump, in particular, there will be a load decreases, and oil cannot change caused by speed. 4, fuel injection pump fuel control gear in the largest oil supply position stuck or rack and governor tie rod off, out of control and speed. 5, some of the fuel injection pump plunger sleeve on the inlet and return oil hole in the same plane position, if the plunger sleeve positioning screw too long closed oil return hole, causing poor oil return, lead to a surge in oil can also cause coasters. 6, inertial oil bath type air filter oil inside the oil too much, get sucked into the combustion in cylinder, the equivalent of increased oil, also can make speed is accelerated, coasters. Diesel engine speed occurs, if not immediately stop flameout, can cause serious consequences, so when happen coasters, must think of some way to make the diesel engine immediately stop stalling, emergency measures. 1, put the throttle lever to no oil supply, open the pressure-relief devices, make the cylinder did not have the compression force, can be shut down. 2, using a wrench, loosen the high pressure hose connector nut make diesel engine oil supply, also can make the engine stalled. 3, blocking air inlet pipe, not into the air, diesel engine will be shut down. 4, in a state of driving high-grade heavy load are available, and that the brake, engine speed will be reduced, remove from heat.
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