Excavator engine principle of carbon deposition, is the cause of the cylinder liner?

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Theory we will repair the excavator, but for the valve are familiar with, although this part is not big, once appear, fault and wear, will directly affect the engine, one of the most typical is the engine for carbon. Master macheng excavator repair shop today tells about excavator engine fault handling methods of carbon deposition. Carbon macheng excavator engine repair case analysis: CTP caterpillar engine parts below happened recently for the fault of the valve seat ring wear it with specific case analysis. Caterpillar inc. , 797, caterpillar engine accessories, accessories carter have seen the pictures, I believe you of the fault have a intuitive understanding: 1: by visible figure 1, 2, 3, cylinder valve seat ring has a different degree of wear and tear, 2 cylinder wear degree is bigger, the valve seat almost disappeared. 2: the wear of the valve seat for inlet valve seat, the exhaust valve seat not seen obvious wear and tear. Knowledge popularization: CTP caterpillar engine accessories 1: the valve is in the cylinder head up and down reciprocating movement to complete the exhaust work parts. Caterpillar inc. , 797, caterpillar engine accessories, accessories 2 carter: valve in the cylinder head valve seat ring joint, not only can up and down reciprocating motion, as well as on the valve seat ring with a certain direction, to remove the effect of carbon deposition. Caterpillar inc. , 797, caterpillar engine accessories, engine accessories carter excavators carbon failure analysis: 1: above all, the failure is due to valve when doing the rotation, valve and valve seat ring joint by the continuity of a large amount of debris or dust impact wear lead to valve seat wear until it disappeared. 42: this failure along with the inlet of the turbocharger impeller damage and has more debris on inlet into the valve and valve seat ring components. The turbocharger impeller damage and air filters maintain undeserved cause more external dust into the inlet caused. Caterpillar inc. , 797, caterpillar engine accessories, accessories carter 3: such fault components associated with the air intake system - more so - The turbocharger, empty filter maintain undeserved, caused a large number of foreign bodies into the inlet. Carbon excavator engine fault handling methods: CTP caterpillar engine parts replace worn valve seat ring and wear of the valve, valve and valve seat after grinding and reassembled, troubleshooting. Caterpillar inc. , 797, caterpillar engine accessories, accessories carter: CTP caterpillar engine accessories valve seat ring once wear will have different degrees of engine failure problem, so to be successful to avoid failure, but also can keep a good construction condition, then the excavator maintenance work at ordinary times must not slack, especially to filter the maintenance parts, must be timely replacement, in addition also should pay attention to choose quality guarantee of maintenance.
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