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by:HMB     2021-01-15
During the construction of road construction mechanization, when faced with engine oil moderate water temperature too high at the same time, how should handle? according to many years of experience that, if oil and water lack enough or not, should be after the oil temperature, water temperature reduction.

1, the oil temperature is too high to engine harm large, known as the engine temperature is too high, is refers to the engine oil temperature, water temperature over 90 ℃. When the two high temperature at the same time, will affect the normal work of the engine, and bring certain harm to the engine. Due to the level of the water temperature are mainly showed that high temperature combustion engine and piston and cylinder wall excavator attachments of heat condition. As a result, the water temperature is too high will leads to the deterioration of the combustion condition, high temperature parts produce thermal expansion, piston and cylinder wall gap narrowed, forming serious wear and tear or & other; Cylinder & throughout; 。 Oil temperature mainly shows the crankshaft and bearing heating due to friction, oil is the most of its send out quantity of heat, and heat production and heat balance ( Show the oil temperature is stable) Is relative. When heat yield more than heat dissipating capacity, bearing temperature rises, the local temperature reaches the melting point of lead, lead in bearing shell will melt, and precipitation. When in the wake of a massive precipitation lead bearing more and more small and uneven load surface, local temperature can make wear, serious when more than the melting point of copper ( 1083℃) , also began to melt copper, eventually lead to the crankshaft and bearing serious ablation or producing & other; Tile holding shaft & throughout; The consequences. According to the test, when the oil temperature reaches 110 ℃, the temperature inside the oil film bearing clearance of up to 150 ℃. If the oil film temperature as high as 150 ℃ above, namely easy to rupture and half dry friction. Due to the crankshaft bearing is copper lead alloy, if reduce improper measures, will make the bearing temperature is too high and the lead melting exhalation, consequence is unimaginable. Thus, when oil and water temperature is too high at the same time, should be first oil temperature reduction.

2 oil temperature is one of the main factors that affect oil pressure when the engine oil temperature is too high, not only increase the fuel consumption ( Leakage, evaporation and combustion) , and affect the oil quality, make the engine friction surface of each part of the oil film is not easy to form and maintain, and cause the main oil passage hydraulic cannot establish, exacerbating parts wear and tear. And water temperature influence on oil pressure must be through the oil temperature can be achieved. So, have certain indirect, need a certain amount of time.

3 oil temperature reduction increased water temperatures can slow down the speed of the oil temperature usually adopt & other; Down load, low speed & throughout; Methods. Although at this point, the coolant heat exchange at high temperature parts a long time, but the flow slows down the speed, prolonged the cooling time. And at the same time, because of the reduced load, rotation speed, amount of heat produced by the moving parts of friction also reduced accordingly. , therefore, small make up think the oil temperature can not only reduce the heat generated by the engine, and indirectly reduce the cooling fluid absorption of heat, which can slow the speed of temperature rise.

4 first drop water temperature of engine spindle oil hydraulic has enormous influence on the establishment of it is well known that drop water temperature is usually take & other Down load, high speed & throughout; Methods. When the speed is too high, it will increase the piston hin group of inertia force and centrifugal force, the crankshaft bearing load increase. At the same time, the relative friction velocity of shaft and bush also will increase, increase the heat generated by the unit of time, the oil pump of oil drops, a lot of oil from the main oil passage was thrown, leading to various parts of friction surface because there was no enough lubricating oil and aggravate wear, oil temperature will rise further.

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