Excavator engine exhaust gas big what reason be?

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Engine exhaust gas content of the key reason is between piston ring and cylinder liner wear severely affected, untight seal between the piston and cylinder liner that can cause very much waste gas, in order to avoid the waste gas out to the larger doses, replace the piston ring and cylinder liner. Engine working process, there will be a large dose of compressed gas through a tiny gap between piston ring and cylinder liner into the crankcase, will certainly affect the crankcase exhaust pressure, it will affect the exhaust emissions increase, the lack of engine power, and state of blue smoke coming may occur. If the wear condition of piston ring is not very serious, but the piston ring opening all wrong, it may also affect the compression and expansion process of large dose of high pressure gas into the crankcase, affect the exhaust gas content within the crankcase pressure larger, in such a situation can lead to serious engine oil consumption. Excavator engine exhaust the cause of the problem: 1. Piston cylinder liner wear, engine power output drops, cause a large excavator engine exhaust gas. 2. Engine piston ring and cylinder liner filter wear. 3. Number of used engine oil viscosity is low, or the oil deterioration resulting in decreased viscosity due to long time did not change. 4. Oil engine heat dissipation is not good, affected by high temperature short time metamorphism caused low viscosity. 5. Piston ring wear. 6. Cylinder liner wear. 7. Piston ring counterpart. 8. Valve seal damage. If have abnormal excessive exhaust, is to check a garage for maintenance treatment methods, main car to repair shop to do check in time, prevent the greater failure problem. Caused by engine exhaust gas is the main reason of the big engine mechanical failure or caused by inadequate combustion engines, such as severe abrasion cylinder piston, too much of the clearance between the piston and cylinder, etc. Improper adjustment of fuel supply advance Angle, if the fuel delivery advance Angle is too small, can't complete combustion of fuel, will discharge a lot of black smoke. Excessive cylinder and piston clearance, too much into the cylinder of engine oil inside the oil sump oil plus much more. A lot of oil into the cylinder in the splash lubrication. Inside the cylinder of high temperature gas into the oil pan, oil lubrication effect is affected by metamorphic pollution, become loose, resulting in a waste gas. No periodic maintenance of the fuel system, intake system and the nozzle, so can form impurities, carbon deposition and sludge etc. So the engine fuel system cleaning and maintenance must set deadline. If serious piston ring and cylinder liner wear and tear, will seal between the piston and cylinder liner is lax, eventually car side respirator exhaust under the serious influence, insufficient power of diesel engine, can also take a blue smoke. Is mainly a large number of compressed gas through between cylinder and piston ring, darting into the crankcase will cause the engine exhaust, produced by engine exhaust pipes under the crankcase emission is too big, serious discharge outside the engine oil as the exhaust.
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