Excavator construction, how to avoid excavating bucket excavator parts damaged

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Bucket for excavator, it's like digging a & other; Hand & throughout; , bear the excavation, the maximum load of various mining operation is inseparable from it. So, how do we protect excavator digging bucket accessories, let it avoid damage!

don't use scoop pry open object mining why again? Is very simple, when you try to move objects, leverage will be several times higher than the oil pressure of the power function on the bucket, especially the dipper teeth. The bucket tooth damage particularly big, easy to make a bucket tooth cracks, fracture, such as the front plate tearing apart and shovel bucket to welding crack, etc. small make up to tell you that bucket and forearm should be relatively fixed on the target, and then with the method of drag and drop back, do it best of all, when the large stress, hydraulic pressure system of the relief valve can be used power automatically adjust to the appropriate range.

imagine avoid using bucket falling impact rock homework, so fiercely crashing down, bucket and forearm joint to bear considerable instantaneous wallop, likely larger bending deformation, severe cracking. small make up remind you, don't convenience, use this way to work, there are plenty of examples proves that compared with the normal operation, the black operation can reduce scoop life around a quarter.

don't rotary object, too hurts scoop operation actions prohibited by the third is: use the bucket wall collision force moving objects or turning force moving heavy objects. Because when the bucket and rock collision moment, bucket, movable arm, will produce excessive load work gear and rack, and moving heavy objects using turning force, also can cause excessive load, also greatly reduce the service life of the drivers. Therefore, you must remember to remember, to your bucket, the operation is not allowed.

high homework rotary bucket tooth impact rocks don't let the bucket lateral friction object in rotary way! To do so, on the one hand, will greatly speed up the bucket tooth wear, on the other hand, just like when it comes to the previous chapter, if encounter in the process of rotary solid rock, will also affect big arm and the working device pin. By the same token, the use of rotary to move heavy objects, when you use the bucket wall collision force moving object, frame the probability of cracks will be more than the normal use of mining frame to reduce 1/2. Don't know excavator attachments list small make up for all four damage the operation of the scoop everyone remember? Jane and weight can be permanent, hope everyone can in the working process of the cautious and avoid the damage of excavator digging bucket accessories.

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