Excavator chassis parts

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Excavator chassis is a complex system, compared with four wheel is much complicated, now mostly adopts caterpillar as chassis, the advantage of the crawler is increased stress area, it is not easy to skid, not easy to get stuck, climb hill has a very good performance, such a good performance to mutual combination of excavator chassis parts and the performance of the parts. Excavator chassis parts is mainly composed of roller, guide wheel, drag sprocket, the drive wheels, caterpillar, bolts, chain plate, chain link, a pipe shaft, shaw, set of dozens of parts effectively and produce good effect, use of tank chassis is similar with us forces, can say every parts are short of one cannot, these parts through the combination of reasonable, and then through the electronic control system, to control the interaction of the parts. It is a travel mechanism of excavator, excavator without walking mechanism can't move, it can only be a pile of scrap metal, with walking and need with electronic parts and mechanical parts of the whole excavator organic combine to play their effects.
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