Excavator broken hammer installation process

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Broken hammer, commonly known as cannon machine, is now an indispensable tool in drivers homework, first monarch stone, municipal engineering and so on can see them. It consists of cylinder, piston rod, drill rod, reversing valve, accumulator, oil seal components and other parts. Its working principle is relatively simple, the use of hydraulic oil inlet kinetic energy + accumulator fuel oil cylinder rod uplink compressed nitrogen chamber, up to the highest point after reversing valve switch direction, the kinetic energy of the hydraulic oil + nitrogen compression kinetic energy push fast downward percussion drill rod oil cylinder rod broken system. Hammer's installation is relatively complicated, if there is no attached barrel to drivers, you need a new pipeline installation, the iron pipe welding with welding in the forearm, connect them with a hose, tight fixed well. Then need to feed and return pipe out from the distribution valve, some models also need to install valve block, will increase the cost of the corresponding, when they do, is to install the cannon machine. The gun machine using a pipe shaft connection on the drivers, with a hose connection above into the return pipe hammer body, handle everything well, you can try the cannon machine.
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