Excavator bearings several interesting purposes

by:HMB     2021-01-12

excavator bearings there are several types, each of which has its interesting USES, including magnetic bearing and large roller bearing.


some very high speed magnetic bearing equipment, such as advanced flywheel energy storage system, using the magnet excavator bearings. These bearings allow flywheel were floating on the magnetic field generated by the bearing.

some of the flywheel speed over 50000 revolutions per minute ( rpm) 。 Normal roller and ball excavator bearing will melt under the speed or explosion. Magnetic bearing has no moving parts, so it can withstand these incredible speed.

2. Large roller bearings

may use excavator bearings for the first time, egyptians are building the pyramids. They put the log under the heavy stone, to roll them to the construction site.

3. Application of seismic building modern international airport using a lot of advanced construction technology to help it. One technology involves huge ball excavator bearing support the weight of the airport 267 columns, each has a diameter of 1. 5 meters of steel ball excavator bearings. The ball fell on the concave bottom connected to the ground. When the earthquake struck, the ground can move in any direction of 51 cm. When the ball rolling on base, the pillars of the rest on the ball moving faster than the small, it will help building was isolated from the movement of the ground. At the end of an earthquake, the center of gravity to pull the posts back to base.

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