Excavator bearings manufacturer: made in China need to change 'digital running shoes'

by:HMB     2021-01-16

excavator bearings manufacturers, found that in China, aiming at data resources, to embrace information technology (it), the maker of not a few, they are through a new round of digital transformation towards the future, by attacking the intelligence era, realize sustainable development.

New challenge

as a new generation of information technology and accelerate the development of Internet technology, technical complexity and increasing mutual permeability, based on the multiple subject to participate in the interactive cooperation of networked collaborative innovation gradually replace a single complete chain of independent innovation of enterprises. Digital technology such as the Internet of things, such as artificial intelligence will combine with products.

to the new trend, most companies are prepared, but due to the lack of innovation, especially the low level of data using directly restricts the innovation ability of ascension, which restricts the enterprise's future development.

with the continuous development of information technology, the spread of the Internet, circulation and consumption of the downstream manufacturing the level of the Internet is more and more high, driving the manufacturing enterprises to cope with a rapidly changing market demand, began to be made out of mass production to mass customization.

excavator bearings recently visited in shandong and guangdong provinces have also found that, in terms of data using a lot of enterprises in the early part of the building, mostly is based on the construction of factories and plants, so in manufacturing execution phase of the operation technology is relatively mature, but in terms of information technology construction. In the manufacturing process typically produce huge amounts of data, how to collect and use data effectively, make it as a new profit point, enterprise revenue became manufacturing enterprises need to focus on important issues.

' Smart & throughout; Gripper is

in yao, China vice President of huawei EBG Jiang view, for the construction of intelligent manufacturing is a manufacturing power core gripper. Combining digital technology and advanced manufacturing technology of intelligent manufacturing, can improve the production efficiency, optimize product quality, meet the personalized needs of consumers, providing intelligent products, accelerate the transformation of service enterprises.

excavator bearing small make up that production efficiency is one of the core competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises. Through the combination of information technology and manufacturing technology, to improve the production efficiency, manufacturing high quality products, in the form of intelligent is the breach of the manufacturing enterprises to realize intelligent manufacturing.

and enterprise data, especially in industry, proprietary data is an important asset for the enterprise, through data management to build unified data base, for the production process to provide valuable & other; Raw material & throughout; Constantly produce data, according to the production process, to guide and improve the production mode, all links in the production process of digital control costs, achieve high quality and low cost production effect.

personalization, manufacturing enterprises with the aid of digital technology, by monitoring the whole production process, continuously collect user feedback to product experience, so as to guide product design, development, implement personalized products of large-scale production mode.

as a service, the product is the product of service the next stage of the intelligent led the reshaping of the business model. Manufacturing companies generally by selling products, to sell products and services business model transformation.

in the face of a wave of intelligent manufacturing, alibaba group vice President and President ali cloud xiao-ming hu called & ndash; in the second half of the Internet — — The physical world will be digital, road, car, forests, rivers, plants, or even a trash can will be abstracted into the digital world, connected to the Internet, implement & other; Objects throughout the &; With & other; Objects throughout the &; Communication, & other; People throughout the &; With & other; Objects throughout the &; Interaction.  

' This is a more profound technological change, a new productivity revolution. ” Xiao-ming hu told China industry news reporter in an interview, ali cloud industrial brain is helping wood Tomlinson, comba telecoms, and many other manufacturers transformation for change.

yao Jiang also holds a similar view. He said in an interview with excavator bearing small make up, intelligent manufacturing is a cornerstone of the digitized transformation & ndash; — — Using the new ICT technology realize the transformation of business, innovation and growth.

according to consulting firm IDC research, in 2017, the digital transformation has become the consensus of the industry leader, in 1000 large enterprises in the whole world, there are sixty-seven percent of companies have digital transformation as the company's strategy core. IDC believes that ICT technology has developed to the third platform, so-called the third platform, refers to the 4 pillars of technology & ndash; — — Cloud computing, big data/analysis, mobile and social technology as the core of large-scale infrastructure platform, can help organizations to manage vast amounts of data, data to support decision making, flexible access to user feedback, etc. At the same time, based on the third platform 6 big innovation accelerator, including Internet, cognitive and artificial intelligence, robot, the next generation of peace, 3 d printing, enhancement, and virtual reality, also provides the digital transformation of important development momentum.  

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