Excavator bearings: Chinese industrial equipment bearing export achieve high growth!

by:HMB     2021-01-22

on January 16, the excavator bearings manufacturers in wafangdian bearing group co. , LTD. , according to the wind power bearings and automotive bearings after a firm foothold in the international market, in 2017, wazhou industrial equipment bearing export breakthrough, also enlarged the scope of cooperation with world famous companies, the new developed wazhou brand international status and a number of world famous host manufacturing enterprise customers, sales year-on-year growth of 15. More than 2%, profits rose 300% year-on-year, and will have greater export orders this year.

in 2017, wazhou continuously expand the scope of cooperation with world famous enterprises, product export momentum. Wazhou with a German world famous company in addition to the cooperation in the field of wind power bearing, and phased breakthrough in multiple projects, including industrial gear box project sample has passed product testing and bench test, in the first half of this year to achieve small batch delivery, in the second half of the bulk supply. Successfully developed an Italian world famous transmission equipment manufacturing enterprises for the new project, will start in February. Expand Italy mixer reducer bearing market, for the cement mixer reducer spherical bearing are testing of two kinds of specifications, by will start after delivery.

seize & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Opportunity, wazhou active development highlights wazhou brand new markets for its international status, including the new developed a Danish international famous customers, for the cement roller mill bearings; The new development in an Italian industrial group clients, providing industrial gear box bearing. In addition, the company has also developed the Pakistani cement steel bearing roller press, Russia customer 1700, Turkey steel hot rolling work roller and back-up roller bearing large markets such as spherical bearing.

to excavator bearings manufacturer knowledge, wazhou group is accelerating wazhou company and wazhou European companies in the United States two big platform construction, realize the industrial equipment bearing sales reach, in North America and Europe to form & other; Localization business throughout + application engineering team &; , promote overseas localization service level, accelerate wazhou the internationalization of the brand.

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