Excavator bearings are the basic elements of modern industry

by:HMB     2021-01-12

excavator bearings are the basic elements of modern industry, operation without bearing bushing manufacturer, factory production equipment now has a very high position, the role of any production equipment is inseparable, no bearing is like a person without a joint, don't do any exercise. Next, bushing manufacturer for the analysis of excavator tolerance of bearing materials and the concept of heat treatment and other bearing clearance.

linqing bushing think including excavator bearing part of the material and the physical and chemical properties of 10 kinds of material, quenching and tempering hardness, microstructure, carbide, crack, decarburization soft point, ring, such as deformation, broken, fire ball tree stability, fracture, particles, etc. Such as using the carburizing steel, as well as the chassis of the hardening layer depth inspection effectively.

including excavator bearings tolerance grade, dimensional tolerance and revolving tolerance: according to linqing bushing finishing if bearing inner and outer diameter and width deviation of variation and the strength of excavator bearing inner diameter jumping in front of the mercury line the inside of the bar, from the appearance of vertical plane, exterior and interior AE bearing assembled bearing. Clearance group and N radial clearance and axial clearance, etc.

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