Excavator bearing steel heat treatment

by:HMB     2021-01-21

excavator bearing steel ring suddenly swell or smaller than usual after heat treatment there is no law.

1。 Such as: under normal circumstances the cause of sudden excavator bearing steel heat treatment deformation increase

2. Material: GCr15 forging

3. Technology: 835 conventional quenching

4. Artifacts. Diameter of 70 mm excavator bearing ring

5. Effective thickness; 8 ~ 12毫米。

6。 Case description:

excavator bearings often occurs in the process of using ring diameter or inner diameter allowance directly discarded or roundness, taper, seriously hindered the production schedule.

7。 Cause analysis

8. Car processing to heat treatment deformation is not enough, we have been for detecting car machining allowance.

9。 Excavator bearing heat treatment is not stable, first is expanding a lot is not stable, sometimes narrowing.

10。 Residual austenite will also change the change of the size of the material, but material of car allowance is too small, the sequence excavator bearings after heat treatment process is also a lot of trouble. We usually machined after allowance is 0. 25 ~ 0. 3 mm, data suggests that is indeed a big rise too much after heat treatment, testing materials sometimes found carbide with partial phenomenon.

11。 General for carburizing and carbonitriding workpiece surface carbide partial gathered or slightly bulky is allowed, carbide network is not more than 2 gb excavator bearing level, bulky carbide grade is not greater than 2. Bulky carbide layer is in commonly 0. About 3 mm. When grinding excavator bearing processing we just can get rid of, and use the eutectoid layer, hardness and organization are better than the eutectoid layer. After data record and replace quenching furnace is heat treatment of the main reasons.

12。 Modern industrial production has a concept called & other; Standardized operation & throughout; That all production process through strict certification, and through high precision equipment to ensure the consistency of the process, personnel after strict training at the same time, keep the same practices, can maintain the stability of the final product quality.

13。 Many domestic products tend to trial production excavator bearing no problem, a batch of production is kept out of the question, often related to inadequate enforcement standardization, lathe machining allowance is safe way, but the effect of preliminary heat treatment in advance, such as excavator bearings annealing organization uniformity, if less take deformation tendency cumulative to the next working procedure, and some can take place in machining, some will remain, the next step is to give yourself in trouble. Although some can be adjusted by raising the temperature of furnace set mode and speed, but it is not the norm, you won't be able to determine the deformation tendency of every time, so you may as well start from the upstream is better.

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