Excavator bearing slewing sound, it is important to note that the parts!

by:HMB     2021-01-16
Excavator bearing slewing bearing

excavator with a big body, strong power, to operate and no dead Angle of 360 degrees. The perfect combination of power, and action to make it become one of indispensable heavy machinery in engineering. Function of mining have such flexible skill is closely connected with the parts. It's excavator & other; Throughout life & axis; Excavator bearings & ndash; Slewing bearing.

rotary bearing on not only responsible for the connection between the frame and the frame, and rotary motion is inseparable from it. The part once appear, fault, light person can appear different ring, the person that weigh the part scrapped directly, excavators can't work. Today, excavator bearings manufacturer small make up a detailed introduction of slewing bearing and its maintenance methods. Teach you how to do check and maintenance, avoid the happening of the fault.

rotary bearing role

similar excavator bearing between the two parts need relative rotation and at the same time under the axial force and radial force and torque of the tilt mechanical rotational basis components. Its basic function is to use bolts should be fixed to the frame on the excavator, get off the rack, rotation, implementation of excavator relative rotation between the two parts.

excavator slewing ring bearings are generally installed with a hole, internal gear, lubrication holes and sealing device, a compact structure, light weight, good rigidity structure, smooth operation, high precision, safe and reliable, etc.

we usually open the big arm base on the side of the cover plate, a big ring gear can be observed in the use of butter, and the ring gear wear and tear. In excavator work, the butter as a result of water into the inside the rotary bearing, lubrication effect, exacerbate excavators in ball bearing slewing bearing wear, if long time don't clean up the water, can make the ring gear in red rust peeling, and leads to poorer performance, work would be a vision of the iron to touch the iron ring sound, serious when can cause tooth without turning off.

just factory new excavator bearing slewing bearing idling, will send out the voice of steel ball rolling, belongs to the normal phenomenon. Just install the new rotary bearing, a tiny sound also belong to normal, after a period of time in the rotation sound will slowly disappear. If hear abnormal impact will need to pay attention to check the slewing bearing.

a little reminder, some customers at the time of installation of excavator bearing slewing bearing to support the upper weight with jack, do this risk is very big, if there is no navigation construction site crane or cranes must be safety precautions.

rotary bearing maintenance

rotary gear ring and lubricating oil change cycle for every 2000 hours or one year, regularly check the ring gear and lubrication conditions. In excavator maintenance on bearing slewing bearing, many bosses think the slewing bearing on maintenance and other maintenance of equipment, need to beat butter every day, but it seems to do actually had the opposite effect. If everyday butter, butter too much will make bearing, lead to shield off, leakage of butter, lose lubrication effect, thus cause damage.

to rotary bearing loaded with butter, should need to rotate the excavator, at the same time in different work can according to the daily cycle of rotary work to determine filling butter. Normal butter filling once a week. ( Special construction environment and overworked state please as the case may be)

in addition to filling the butter, and regularly check excavator bearing bolts are loose, the rotary bearing shield for loss damage phenomenon. Rotary bearing external often should check once a crack, will result in the crack of the wheel, do not pay attention to also can cause serious accidents.

attached: normal gear meshing clearance

5 - 8 tons: 0. 15 - 0. 3 mm

9 - 15 tons: 0. 20 - 0. 4 mm

20 - 25 tons: 0. 3 - 0. 6 mm

at the above articles, for had a deeper understanding of excavator is bearing slewing bearing? The normal work of the excavator is dependent on the slewing bearing, we must do maintenance at ordinary times, once the rotary appeared sound, for the first time to find the part inspection maintenance, avoid long time wear damage of slewing bearing directly.

in the end, small make up remind everybody, even when replacement installation excavator bearing slewing bearing, try not to use to support jack, so you can avoid safety accident.

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