Excavator bearing repair

by:HMB     2021-01-12

for large or difficult to find the excavator bearings, bearing repair or recycling is cost effective and time saving alternatives.

a. Excavator bearing repair or regeneration will include:

1. 12 holes large bearings

2. Expensive bearings

3. Outdated bearing

4. A lot of the same size bearing ( The rolling mill discharge)

2. Excavator bearing repair process including:

1. Repair center ( The cost of the customer)

2。 If you have bearing repair, free inspection or waiving fees.

3。 Loss evaluation

4. Repair level determine

5. Rolling element to replace

6. Repair of raceway

7. Replacement parts

8. Excavator bearing repair estimated price and delivery time

9. Bearing repair

10. Will repair the bearing returned customer

for a lot of the same size excavator bearings, we can provide bearing repair/recovery process. Bearing degrease, check wear or flake, repair and regeneration of bearing materials and process with the new ( Usually a year) The same. In some cases, the excavator bearing repair can is a kind of economic way, to reduce costs, and get more use cycle.

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