Excavator bearing lubrication

by:HMB     2021-01-12
Grease lubrication

grease lubrication can do a grease filling after long time don't need to be added, and the structure of the sealing device is also relatively simple, so widely used. Grease

there are filling grease in the sealed type excavator bearings in advance way of sealing and filling amount within the shell grease, every once in a while to supplement or replace the packing way for fat.

in addition, for there are many need lubrication of mechanical digger bearing, also USES the pipe connection to the lubrication for lipid concentrate way.

1) Grease filling quantity

the shell grease filling quantity along with the structure and the volume of the shell is different, generally should be 1/3-1/2 of the filling to volume.

filling amount, too much grease for mixing hot metamorphism, aging and softening, should pay attention.

but when used in low-speed excavator bearings, to prevent foreign invasion, sometimes to two-thirds of volume filling - 1


2) The complement of the grease and replace

the complement of the grease lubrication method with replacement has a close relationship, no matter adopt what kind of way, must use clean and grease, and pay attention to the invasion of the external foreign body.

add grease should be the day for the same brand grease.

add grease, is particularly important is should guarantee the new grease is really into the excavator bearings inside.

oil lubrication

oil lubrication is suitable for high speed excavator bearings and to a certain degree of high temperature resistant, but also to reduce the vibration and reduce noise effectively, mostly used for grease lubrication is not applicable to occasions.

oil lubrication can be divided into:

( 1) Oil bath lubrication

( 2) Oil drip lubrication

( 3) Splash lubrication

( 4) Circulation lubrication

( 5) Spray lubrication

( 6) Oil mist lubrication

( 7) Oil and gas lubrication

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