Excavator arm oil cylinder oil seal in how to remove the change?

by:HMB     2021-01-26
1) First excavator is stationary, the bottom of the bucket rod received, movable arm, the bucket flat fell to the ground. ( 2) Wire rope set on the movable arm, a short set of wire rope in the upper part of the movable arm cylinder, with his hand on the chain hook hook at the ends of the two steel wire rope, then tighten the chains. ( 3) Pull out the arm cylinder head pin, remove the in and out of tubing, put the movable arm cylinder on the platform. Digging machine within the central swivel joint oil seal and movable arm cylinder seal replacement, such as in the traditional method is time-consuming and laborious, and limited by space and equipment, can quickly change and in the wild to repair. Practice, for a fast method of this kind of oil seal, can improve the work efficiency of 15 ~ 20 times. 1, the central swivel joint seal replacement ( 1) First unscrewing the relevant set screw, with a drop of small cars occupy the hydraulic transmission box, and rotate it a certain Angle, let down after small cars, dragged down the transmission case to one side. ( 2) With broken oiler will return hose closure ( So as not to pull the swivel joint core from time to tome a lot of the hydraulic oil flow along the core) 。 Back off on the oil distribution disc 4 set screw. ( 3) The tubing on both sides of the iron hook in the core of both two tubing joints; Jack again to resist vertical shaft, lifting jack to pull the core at the same time, can change its oil seal. ( 4) With top occupy the central swivel joint sheath, then use 1. 5 t jack will core back into its place, other components can be refitted in the disassembly of the opposite order. The whole process only a single assignment ( Can also work together) , there is no need to remove any one of them tubing. Can lift small cars available horizontal hydraulic jack, or use of the existing small cars, and fill oil cut-off device available fire plastic clip the substitution, tubing can be self-control, it mainly consists of base plate and the adjustable chain, deserve to go up jack can be completed. Don't need other auxiliary equipment, the whole operation used tools is also very simple, especially suitable for in the field of fast repair. 2, movable arm cylinder seal replacement of movable arm cylinder oil, the oil seal replacement such as conducted by the condition of the maintenance workshop, is in a relatively short period of time, but in the wild, without lifting equipment is single homework, is quite difficult. I summarize method only one chain, 4 root length of wire rope, and other related tools can be completed. The hydraulic oil cylinder is the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy is widely used in all kinds of mechanical system, the oil seal was part of it. Large hydraulic oil cylinder, it on the operation of the oil, oil after using for a long time will deteriorate at this time we are going to change the oil seal, it replace the oil seal of the method are: 1, first remove the ends of the hydraulic cylinder brake springs or brake screw. 2, panasonic, the guide sleeve on both sides of the hydraulic oil cylinder or a guide sleeve. 3, then take out the hydraulic oil cylinder of the guide sleeve ring changed into new sealing ring and the inside of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod seal change at the same time. 4, hydraulic oil cylinder seal if deformation or aging, it is hard to get off, can remove water immersion seals 10 minutes. The habit of hydraulic oil cylinder oil seal is generally seals, simply is the oil seal. It is used to seal oil mechanical components, it will need lubricating parts and transmission parts output component segregation, unapt let lubricating oil leakage.
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