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by:HMB     2021-01-18
Excavator to work in various harsh construction environment, homework excavator spare parts in the environment in the role of the upper arm is crucial, so to speak. But excavator machinist can often be a thorny problem of bound feet, that is excavator arm, since the fall of fault. Especially the live load, a moment is not the big arm down bucket valgus, looking at heart is tired. When doing to demand higher leveling work of a deep, shallow the uneven, even the old driver will also be very irritated. How to deal with, then this off arm and small below discuss together! Oil mouth overflow valve first check the mouth overflow valve ( The relief valve) Have worn or the phenomenon of credit card, if you look not to come out, you can talk with other action not to drop the arm oil mouth overflow valve for can try out good or bad. ( Each cylinder has two actions, need two oil mouth overflow valve replacement together) 。 Off arm oil cylinder oil seal is damaged long time high temperature hydraulic oil or year longer excavators, such as oil seal rubber parts appear easily aging, crack, can appear serious fracture cause other action also can appear different questions, so once appear off the arm is also not to ignore the damage of excavator attachments oil cylinder oil seal. Keep the valve to maintain valve components generally only big arm with forearm, so a big arm arm or forearm off the arm of cases require a separate view to keep the valve valve core, a spring card acerbity problem whether there is wear and tear or other foreign material, if after cleaning the failure remains, then can change to solve this problem. Distributing valve stem wear ( Main control valve) Corresponding oil cylinder action valve orifice obstruction, valve core wear clearance is too large, valve core, valve core hairpin, these problems can trigger off the arm, and the relatively than the above problems is much more difficult, once appear, or valve stem wear hole problem, not only check the delay time, serious, you must change the distributing valve assembly. Excavator arm off failure is man's right-hand man be broken, in the face of pressing project time, once off the arm excavator PaWo, light, delaying or project is gone! Actually want to fundamentally eliminate the arm failure, not impossible, this needs friends and each machine in the daily construction process, must do it in detail, carefully observe the state of the excavator, maintain good parts excavator attachments. Because a lot of fault are caused by a small problem, small does not handle the fault!

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