Excavator air conditioning knowledge

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Excavators of the air conditioning system is essential for today's engineering equipment. Because of its work environment much dust, sand, so work at ordinary times when can close the doors and Windows open air conditioning or heater. Warm wind system is to rely on a radiator and engine antifreeze liquid to realize the heating, this is the home air conditioning heating principle of distinction. First understand the components and functions of the air conditioning system with: 1, compressor, refrigerant from low pressure gas compressed into high pressure gas; 2, condenser, will come from the high pressure gas refrigerant of the compressor for cooling a high-pressure liquid; 3, storage tank, also known as dry filling, internal with desiccant, absorb moisture in the system and cold storage medium; 4, expansion valve, the high pressure liquid atomization makes it a low pressure liquid refrigerant; 5: evaporator: also called evaporation tank, refrigerant absorption of heat by low pressure liquid into gas; 6, blower, will be after the evaporator heat cold air blow to the ventilation pipe, this is a simple principle of refrigeration air conditioning system. Swash plate compressor working principle: inclined plate and compressor shaft fixed together, the edge of the inclined plate fit up in piston groove in the middle of the piston groove with inclined plate edge through the steel ball bearing. When the spindle rotates, inclined plate with rotation, also pushed piston swash plate for axial reciprocating motion. If the inclined plate rotation, a week before and after the two piston each complete compression, exhaust, breathe in a loop, equivalent to two cylinders. Liquid can hardly compression, so entering the compressor must be full of gas, if the refrigerant could lead to too much into the existence of liquid refrigerant compressor, it might damage the compressor. General installation in front of the antifreeze radiator, condenser supercharger inter-cooled below. Storage tank is generally located in the lower base plate condenser, air conditioning water vapor must not exist in the pipeline or in storage tank or ice blocking phenomenon can occur easily at the expansion valve, liquid storage tank is another role can preliminarily determine whether the amount of refrigerant is normal, storage tank top have a transparent window, engine speed stability during 1200-1500 revolutions, turn on the air conditioning switch view within the window. Expansion valve installed in the import and export in evaporation tank, it will be of high pressure liquid refrigerant into low pressure liquid, refrigerant absorbs heat rapidly cooling, if the system contains water vapor can produce ice plug in the expansion valve, cause the entire system, pressure rise. Determine whether to produce ice blocking method is to use hot water poured out if can return to normal pressure that is produced ice wall. Evaporator in the integral internal blower assembly, blower choose according to the buttons on the control panel to control the throttle air duct outlet for implementing changes in temperature and wind control. You must be aware of when using air conditioning need to choose the inner loop, the advantage is: 1, the indoor temperature will soon fall down; 2, avoid the external dust mixed with the evaporator on the condensate blocking and evaporator. Also pay attention to the air conditioning when using the inner loop filter cleaning, filter position in general in the cab rear corner or middle position, the filter available clean water but do not insolate, should be to dry in the shade. The excavator is integrated with blower total chengdu, both can control the wind speed can also control the wind position.
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