Excavator air conditioning compressor sound is what causes

by:HMB     2021-01-27
A, the cause of the problem 1, belt sound air conditioning compressor is generally through the belt driven by the engine crankshaft rotation. And when the belt loose, serious aging, wear and tear or tension wheel tensioning force shortage will cause the belt creep, jitter, operation to emit dadada sound. 2, damage to the air conditioning compressor, air conditioning refrigerant need by air conditioning compressor compression, which will be of low temperature and low pressure refrigerant through compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, by cooling condenser liquefaction again. And when the air conditioning compressor internal damage, will send dadada sound. 3, air duct foreign body blow out air conditioning cold air from the blower will be normal after the evaporator cooling to the indoor air, and when there's a foreign body in air conditioning duct ( For example, the residual heated, etc. ) , foreign body will repeatedly with blower airflow rotating air conditioning filter and impact, thus a dadada sound. Second, sound solution when there is sound of air conditioning, should find its sound reason, then investigate the root cause and solve. 1, if because belt belt from the sound, directly replace belt; And if it is caused by a lack of tension wheel tensioning force, we must change the tension wheel. 2, under normal circumstances, when the air conditioning compressor damage, suggest to contact professional maintenance personnel for maintenance. 3, open the air filter to get off the air filter, then to check whether there is foreign body inside the air duct, if any, can be cleaned directly. Air conditioning compressor sound analysis: air conditioning compressor sound general there are three reasons: 1, clutch bearing ring. 2, compressor internal sound can be judged through the electromagnetic clutch and the sound, the general is the lack of oil or use for a long time. Skid. Intermittent. . Usually there is no maintenance now. Only replace the compressor. 3, by the elastic with the belt. It is ok to change. 。 (1) compressor electromagnetic clutch is a common part of the sound. Compressor often from low speed to high speed variable speed under high load, so a high requirement on the electromagnetic clutch, electromagnetic clutch and the installation position of the general is close to the ground, often come into contact with the rain and soil, when the inside of the electromagnetic clutch bearings can produce sound. (2) need reliable lubrication compressor work. When the compressor lack of lubricating oil, or oil used at that time, the compressor internal will generate serious sound, even the wear and tear compressor scrap. (3) of the electromagnetic clutch is repeatedly and also will cause the compressor sound. Such as generator capacity is insufficient, air conditioning system pressure is too high, or the engine load is too large, these will cause electromagnetic clutch and off repeatedly. (4) electromagnetic clutch and compressor mounting surface should have a certain gap between, if the clearance is too large, then the impact will increase, if the clearance is too small, electromagnetic clutch work can produce movement interference between compressor mounting surface, it is also a common cause of the sound.
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