Excavator accessories matters needing attention

by:HMB     2021-01-20

excavator parts of construction equipment storage is an important task of heavy equipment maintenance. Construction equipment in after a period of hard work, may be, but in the spare time, don't forget to take care of it, because at that time the most easy to rust. For long-term storage, should pay attention to keep your excavator attachments in good condition.

1。 work construction equipment should be parked in a dry place. When the outdoor parking, can choose the ground cover and the shield.

2。 In front of the long-term storage, the need for construction equipment maintenance, repair the damaged part, make a thorough cleaning, make the excavator parts in good condition.

3。 Project notice park machine layout, set aside enough space between machines, avoid collision.

4。 The excavator parts throttle lever and other control lever in the idle position.

5。 Turn off the water from the engine. Oil change, because the new oil will not corrosion excavator accessories. Add diesel oil in tank in order to avoid rust, also need preservatives in conditions allow. During the period of storage, start the engine, once a month make mobile excavator parts in the lubricating position shorter distances, form a new film.

6。 The battery to be taken in a dry place. Prohibit conducting objects placed on the battery. Lead-acid battery should be charged once a month.

7。 In excavator parts on the bare metal parts coated with lubricating oil, prevent rust.

construction machinery store is to maintain the important task of heavy equipment. Don't forget to keep and clean after working in the heavy excavator attachments, because this is the best possible chance of rust.

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