Excavator accessories manufacturers: water tank leaking is no longer a problem

by:HMB     2021-01-17

excavator parts leaking radiator is a friends and countless other dig headaches, some leakage dig friends don't even know where to go! Although there is no water tank can be added, does not takes some effort, but to be reckoned with, hidden danger of below small make up take you to meet the tank point of failure.

the functional sex of the tank

we all know, the water tank as the main excavator spare parts in the engine cooling system, function is to send out quantity of heat, to reduce the effect of engine temperature.

in particular, when the engine water temperature is too high, excavator parts thermostat opens, pump pump water loop repeatedly to take to lower the temperature of the engine, ( The structure of the tank were hollow copper pipe, high temperature of the water into the tank through air cooling circulation to waterways within the engine) Achieve the purpose of protecting the engine, if the water temperature is too low in winter, thermostat is not open, this time will stop the water cycle, to avoid the engine temperature is too low.

excavator attachments of tank failure performance

1, turbocharger, if there is water.

2, check whether the oil radiator seal damage, caused by water.

3, to see if the exhaust pipe take white smoke, if any, that have a leaking case, it is possible that crack of excavator parts cylinder block, cylinder head gasket seal is lax or damage. The water tank and water can be added to the standard position, start the excavator, the deputy tank if there is a bubble, if so, that means the engine cylinder gasket is broken. No bubbles, to check whether there is crack the engine cylinder head, if yes, need to change.

4, if add the tap water, excavator cooling system may have occurred, causing water tank inside the cooling area is reduced, heat dissipation effect.

5, heater tank if there is a leak.

6, check excavator attachments the tank cover seal is sealed.

7, tanks each interface to see if there is air leakage.

, vice water tank leaking

engine cooling, water take away the heat of the engine and the expansion of the volume, vice water tank is a temporary storage, the purpose of the water when the temperature drop down and then back to the water tank, if the water from the tank into the tank and don't return, can cause the loss of water, so should check excavator parts of the line is obstructed, vice water tank and water tank, radiator seal are in good condition again, like aprons, water tanks have crack?

the water temperature is normal, vice water tank leaking

1, check the deputy tank pipe blockage, is likely to be no air and water.

2, antifreeze is missing.

3, check whether the tank cover is damaged.

excavator attachments small make up remind you tank never filling water, be sure to use correct label fangdongye, otherwise it will accelerate the corrosion of components, affect the normal operation of the engine. Today's water tank troubleshooting methods is introduced here, want to dig the friends.

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