Excavator accessories manufacturers: these problems, the change of hydraulic pressure tube you!

by:HMB     2021-01-14

in excavator parts of hydraulic system are inseparable from the use of hydraulic hose, rubber and in use process such as seepage, crack, fracture, loose fault is also common occurance. Today small make up take you to see various failures of hydraulic hose.

a mouth, hose burst failure

1, the inlet hose burst wire crimp have apparent necking phenomenon, the reason is that the hose is excessive tensile deformation, the layers of separation, decreases the intensity of pressure. will happen under the action of high pressure hose length direction of contraction or elongation, general expansion amount of + 2% ~ - to normal condition 4%. If the hose to choose too short when installation, when work is a lot of stretching, serious broken or loose fault occurs, if the span of excavator parts hose is too large, the hose weight and the weight of the oil hose also can give a larger tensile force, serious when can happen broken or loose malfunction.

2, excavator parts hose burst in reverse, the reasons for this phenomenon is the hose is in the process of installing or using excessive torsion caused by. Hose after the reverse, strengthen layer structure change, weaving, winding of the gap between steel wire increases, reduces the compression strength of the hose, under the effect of high pressure hose is easy to broken.

in one or more of three, hose rupture, cracks in the main reasons for this phenomenon is the system pressure is too high, more than the excavator accessories hose compression capacity.

2, hose lining failure

1, hose inner badly spoiled, obvious swell is due to the hydraulic oil using time extended, or by the oxidation of dirt exists in hydraulic system, excavator parts hose by chemistry and metamorphism, the oil return mouth will find broken rubber sheet, check the system hydraulic oil tube and the compatibility of rubber material and working temperature is in accordance with the standards.

2, hose, rubber, have crack, hard working under high temperature and high pressure hose, hose overheat, can make the hose plasticizer overflow, overheating of the hydraulic oil through the system of the oil cylinder, valve and other excavator parts, if produce larger pressure drop will be decomposed in the hydraulic oil, lead to hose inner oxidation and harden, encounter this kind of situation, should first check excavator accessories hydraulic system working temperature is normal, the valve and throttle hole, high pressure pump oil absorption was clear, in rule out all possible factors results in excessive oil temperature and hydraulic oil decomposition after replace the hose.

three, a rubber hose failure

1, the hose is not broken, but a large number of oil leakage, hose was found broken right now, but a lot of oil leakage, the reason is quite likely the tube through the high pressure, the lining is erosion and abrasion, until the large area leakage wire layer, resulting in a large number of oil leakage.

2, excavator parts of hose outer badly spoiled, surface crack, this is hose use time is too long natural aging performance.

3, hose surface bubble, is due to the poor quality of the hose or improper use, if the bubble appearing in the middle of the hose, hose quality problem. Should be replaced timely quality reliable excavator attachments, if the hose in the hose joint, is likely to be caused by the improper joint installation.

4, in low temperature region, once appear crack hose appearance, can make the hose by bending, pay attention to the observation tube and plastic crack of whether, and to decide whether to immediately replace the hose.

excavator attachments small make up friendship prompt: replace or install the hydraulic hose should choose high quality accessories, at the same time pay attention to the length and position are consistent with previous hoses, then change the new hydraulic oil can solve the problem!

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