Excavator accessories manufacturers, the future will develop excavator self-driving technology

by:HMB     2021-01-19

in recent years, some financial media for & other; Excavator index & throughout; Pay close attention to, the excavator accessories that & other; Excavator index & throughout; Is a small & other national economy; The barometer & throughout; 。

excavator parts small make up to introduce, in more than a decade ago, excavator operation need to monitor trends in the field, adopt the method of GPS monitoring location early excavator, and now can monitor excavator construction time, efficiency and fuel consumption, and so on. Through data collection and analysis, the first excavator attachments can be drawn from the duration of operation, such as excavators, last year, three times the average working hours is the beginning of 2016, means that is the same excavator at the same time the volume; Secondly, excavators can monitor in different parts of the economic activity as well as a variety of different ways of operation and so on. So, & other; Excavator index & throughout; To some extent reflects the development of the economic construction of our country, especially in investment and extractive industries and so on, is a very vivid index, is a small & other national economy; The barometer & throughout; 。

when it comes to excavator matching data secrecy, zeng said Ann, specific data is kept secret, because involves the excavator attachments some technical data and client representatives, and these data can be used to improve the next generation of product research and development and the excavator work efficiency. “ First of all, the quality of the excavator, reliability, performance, can through these data is improved; Second, we can guide customers improve operational efficiency of excavator driver, spend less money to get more output. ”

when it comes to the next step will be how to improve & other; Excavator index & throughout; Apply, shandong excavator accessories manufacturers think that the future may be combined with the terrain induction, reflected the machine work environment, the other will also began to develop excavator self-driving technology.

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