【 Excavator accessories manufacturers] Start at the end of the machine tool equipment maintenance

by:HMB     2021-01-19
At the end of 2019 has entered, excavator attachments manufacturers to the production of machine tools for a big maintenance, so as to make the necessary repair maintenance, spare parts replacement. Machine tool is one of the fixed assets of enterprises, creating a steady stream of profits for the enterprise and enterprise efficiency. Machine tool use after a certain time, must do a good job in the repair and maintenance of machine tool equipment check basic contents include: equipment maintenance, equipment inspection, equipment maintenance.

equipment maintenance: the contents of the equipment maintenance is to keep the equipment clean and tidy, good lubrication, safe operation, check whether the fasteners loose, adjust machine tool parts play, etc. , sums up: & other; Cleaning, lubricating, tightening, adjustment, anticorrosion & throughout; The ten words. Practice has proved that the service life of equipment to a large extent depends on the maintenance of good or bad. Maintenance on the basis of size and ease into daily maintenance workload, primary care, secondary maintenance, maintenance, etc.

1, daily maintenance, routine maintenance, also known as the main are: cleaning, lubrication, tighten parts easy to loose, check the integrity of the parts and components, this kind of project and part of the maintenance is less, most on the outside of the equipment. 2, level of maintenance, the main content is: tighten, tighten, cleaning, lubrication, partly to adjust. Daily maintenance and maintenance generally borne by the operator. 3, level 2 maintenance, the main content includes the internal cleaning, lubrication, the major machine tool parts for inspection, disassembly and adjustment. 4, three-level maintenance, mainly for equipment inspection and adjustment work of the collapse of the body, when it is necessary to limit regulations wear parts must be replaced and repaired.

manufacturer of excavator attachments for machine tool equipment maintenance is a big project at a time. Is done in a day, today the first step on the equipment maintenance, tomorrow will be for equipment inspection.

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