Excavator accessories manufacturers: return to work, these must be attention!

by:HMB     2021-01-15
See all companies have to return to work conditions, will start soon. Friends, friends will return you machine is starting to worry about in the process of back on the way, homework, rest area, such as how to prepare, reduce the risk of new type of coronavirus pneumonia? Excavator accessories manufacturer here start to sort out a self protection techniques for everybody, please check.

a check list 1, returned to the post. In local engineering work machine, take the initiative to do personal and family members of the health monitoring, confirm no symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue can return after work. 2. Engineering operation machine friends in other cities, excavator attachments small make up recommend return pre-service contact project unit, make personal health monitoring at the same time, cooperate with the unit that use the epidemic monitoring and accepting units can mount guard work when confirmed. 3. Outbreaks can return or contact areas prone to outbreaks of machine, in a timely manner with the community, the village to report situation, completes the registration; Implement or centralized quarantine measures 14 days medical observation that occupy the home, can't go out, during to do self condition such as temperature monitoring to observe; No discomfort symptoms can return after work.

2, came on the way to work on the protective measures on normally try to choose walking, cycling, or ride in cars, on the way to wear a face mask, private cars well ventilated take a breath; Long-distance return machine, if you select public transport such as trains, planes, etc. , good wear masks at the same time, talk less, talk less, try not to eat, reduce the skin direct contact with transportation, in a timely manner after contact with water, hand sanitizer, or soap. Protective measures in the process of mount guard after three, homework, excavator attachments small make up remind you timely for driving indoor working environment disinfected, suggest the cockpit ventilation, more ventilation in 20 minutes - every time 30 minutes; During the operating equipment wear masks as far as possible; Operation in the process of reducing contact with the workers and the number of times a conversation, keep the frequent hand washing, water more.

four protective measures to try to bring their own meals, eating; As in the canteen, use separate eating, avoid crowded; Dinner less communication, shortening the time of eating, after eating in a timely manner to leave the canteen. Five, the rest time less rest time go out less often, no door, cancel, dinners, parties, not to take part in group activities such as playing mahjong; Need shopping nearby choose stores, supermarkets, avoid where people gather together together, must be out less often.

6, rest area make home or back to the dormitory after the protection, to remove mask in a timely manner to wash their hands, clothing and belongings with 75% alcohol or wet towel to wipe disinfection as far as possible; Keep ventilation and sanitation clean inside the bedroom; No public toiletries, with others often bask in coat, do not spit everywhere, nose and mouth secretions wrapped in tissue paper, placed in a covered the trashcan. Establish a thermometer, disposable masks, family disinfection supplies, etc. , do a good job in self temperature detection and disinfection of bedroom environment. Excavator machine accessories once again reminded of friends friends, has its own terrible epidemic, is more terrible than the outbreak, the lack of self-protection consciousness, will start soon, please friends friends must pay attention to guard against, the commencement of business.

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