Excavator accessories manufacturers: return to work on the road meet spring rain, excavator construction must pay attention!

by:HMB     2021-01-12
Outbreak is not retreated, guaranteeing production resume work and part of the project after return to work. Resume work production coincided with spring rain. Rainy days excavator masters what measures should be done well? Today, small make up to you finishing the excavator accessories manufacturer drivers during the rainy season construction matters needing attention, hope to be of help.

rainy season construction matters needing attention: 1, before construction should pay attention to observe the surrounding environment, check whether the construction site is soft and trapped car hidden dangers. General method is: with a bamboo pole to human downward stamp, stamp immediately if several bamboo effortlessly, and there is no resistance in 1 meter and show full of silt, ordinary excavator easily trapped car, unable to normal construction. 2, construction before the rainy season in the mountains, to observe whether there are landslides, landslide, debris flow on mountain. First observe whether there is a mountain mountain broken, if there are unreasonable excavation, unreasonable soil, abandon slag, quarrying, vegetation grew well, whether the mountain water turbidity.

3, construction process, if feel excavator has already begun to sag, to stop the construction in time, find a strong point in large arm support body, prevent further subsidence. Driving excavators in accordance with the original road return at once, don't to the other direction. Vigilance in the work to the 4, rain, night work should keep headlight, before and after the excavator working lamp, ceiling lamp, instrument lights, the normal work of the wiper, etc, to ensure safety.

5, after the construction, must will excavator parked on higher ground is close to where the safety area, away from possible landslides, the river, such as the danger zone, to ensure the excavator has plenty of oil, can start at any time to evacuate. Excavator parts small make up remind everyone to return to work must prepare epidemic prevention measures at the same time, call it a day to go home to wash their hands and disinfection.

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