Excavator accessories manufacturers on China construction machinery industry in the next five years scale prediction and analysis

by:HMB     2021-01-14

excavator accessories manufacturers think 2018, influenced by macroeconomic growth is sluggish downward, downstream areas, closely associated with macroeconomic widespread destruction of traditional construction machinery industry, the main products such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers and other products sales continued to decline.

however, since May 2016, the main varieties, such as construction machinery excavator, bulldozer, etc monthly sales for six consecutive months year-on-year growth:

1) In October 2016, excavators, bulldozers and loader respectively achieve sales of 5816 units, 257 units and 7826 units, year-on-year growth of 71%, 179% and 86% respectively;

2) 1-16 years In October, excavators, bulldozers and loader respectively achieve sales of 567. 46 million units, 2314 units and 53591 units, year-on-year growth of 17%, 5% and 38% respectively.

the supply and demand situation on both ends of the relative improvement is the main reason for the rebound to construction machinery industry:

1) Supply side: relatively, excavator parts engineering machinery industry one of the biggest characteristic is to supply is more elastic, industry after peaking in 2011 face serious excess capacity, along with the industry's continuing downward, engineering machinery industry gradually started to production process;

2) Demand side: from the improvement on demand is the main reason of the engineering machinery industry recovery, the real estate market rebound in 16 years superposition infrastructure investment to maintain high growth, thus promote the bottom of the engineering machinery industry demand recovery.

demand side factors will become the biggest source of construction machinery industry weak recovery can be sustained. Intensive

regulation policy, real estate investment weakness will be weakened for a revival of the engineering machinery. Real estate rebounded in 2016 has become an important driving factor, engineering machinery industry recovery excavator spare parts manufacturers from data, beginning in February 2016, new starting area and completed area of the building the accumulative year-on-year growth from negative to positive, year-on-year growth of 14%, 29% respectively. After the third quarter, however, the new area gradually narrowed, starting and completed 1 - The accumulative total of October year-on-year growth fell to 8%, 7%.

mainly due to three aspects, 17 years of real estate or difficult has great improvement, so as to weaken the role for a revival of the engineering machinery:

1) Intensive real estate regulation policy, along with policy tightening effect gradually fermentation, real estate sales dropped become a big probability event, sales to investment conduction will face greater pressure, the new construction and real estate investment growth suppression;

2) Influenced by sales rebounded in 2016, real estate stocks although short-term pressure eased, but commercial housing sale area are still historically high, medium and long term inventory pressure is still grim.

counter-cyclical capital construction investment, engineering machinery weak recovery is expected to continue. Infrastructure investment is essentially a kind of exogenous discretion by government, fiscal policy means, to adjust demand and dampen economic fluctuations, has obvious inverse cyclical: the economic downturn, launch infrastructure stimulus hedge falling demand, overheating, cuts in infrastructure investment to prevent bubbles. Since 2004 excavator attachments infrastructure investment and GDP data, infrastructure investment and GDP from most of the time, especially in a larger GDP growth fluctuation period, the typical such as 09 four trillion investment during the economic crisis.

' L” Economic background, the infrastructure investment has once again become an important means of stabilizing economy. Total infrastructure investment to complete the year-on-year growth in 13 years consecutive stay above 15%, among them, 2016 years ago in October year-on-year growth of 18%. that & other; L” New normal superposition type economy under the background of big probability back to adjust the real estate market next year, infrastructure investment will play a more important role in the steady growth measures, and is expected to remain high growth, to a certain extent offset the decline in real estate, power engineering machinery continued weak recovery.

policy with the PPP, power infrastructure investment to maintain high growth. In recent years, the government vigorously promote the PPP mode, the National Development and Reform Commission has issued three batches of the PPP in promoting projects, involving 6 total. 37 trillion, a total of 3764 projects, among them, the PPP demonstration project total investment 2 trillion, project number is 744. Excavator accessories manufacturers look forward together to promote the PPP with the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the PPP project power will continue to maintain high growth is expected to promote infrastructure investment, boost the downstream demand recovery engineering machinery industry.

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