Excavator accessories manufacturers: new excavator running-in period, how to use and maintenance

by:HMB     2021-01-13
Excavator factory, general provisions about 60 hours period ( Some called the running-in period) Early, this is the production factory on the basis of engineering machinery use skill features and rules. Period is to guarantee the normal operation of engineering machinery, decreased failure rate, the main steps of extending its service life. Excavator accessories manufacturers found that some of the teacher to adjust period did not seriously.

at present, some users because of a lack of engineering machinery use common sense or due to the tight, or want to reap the benefits as soon as possible, and neglect, new period of special technique request. Some users even thought, anyway, manufacturers have the repair period, the machine is broken by the manufacturer is responsible for the maintenance, the machine in the running-in period then use long time overload, resulting in failure of machine early more frequently, which not only affect the normal application of the machine, shorten the service life of the machine, but also because of the damage to the machine, affected the project progress. Therefore, the use of excavators period and we should pay attention to maintenance. A, the characteristics of the period 1. Wear speed due to the new machinery excavator parts processing, assembly and adjust, the influence of such factors as the friction surface is rough, cooperate with the surface contact area is lesser, uneven pressure on the surface of the state. Machine in the process of running, the concave and convex part chimeric friction each other on the surface of the parts, grinding of metal debris fell down, and as an abrasive, continued to participate in friction, more accelerated the excavator parts with surface wear. As a result, the running-in period cause excavator accessories (easily Special is cooperate with surface) The wear and wear speed. At this point, if the overload operation, may cause destruction of excavator parts, early failure.

2。 Bad lubrication because of the new assembly parts fit clearance is small, and due to reasons such as assembly, it is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of fit clearance, lubricating oil, Fat) Not easily formed in the friction surface oil film evenly and to prohibit wear. Thus falling lubrication performance, caused part of the early abnormal wear and tear. Caused serious precision of friction surface scratch or bite phenomenon, lead to failure. 3. loose new assembly, geometry shape and dimension deviation, exist in the early part of the application, due to alternating load such as shock, vibration, and the influence of factors such as heat, deformation, and the wear too fast, make originally fastening of excavator attachments loose easily. 4. Leakage occur as a result of the excavator parts loose, the influence of vibration and the machine is heated, the machine and the sealing surface of the place such as pipe joint, can present leakage phenomenon; Part of casting, machining and other shortcomings, difficult to invent during assembly and debugging, but due to vibration, impact, in the process of the operation of this defect is bare, expressed as leakage ( Permeability) Oil ( Water) 。 Therefore, adjust period appeared easily leakage phenomenon. 5. Error for more on the properties of the structure of the machine, can not enough ( Special is the new operator) , easy fault caused by error, and even cause mechanical accident.

1 second, the period of the application and protection. Due to mechanical engineering is a special vehicle, the operation staff should receive manufacturers training, leadership, to have sufficient understand the structure, performance of the machine, and must have experience in operating and maintenance before operating the machine. Manufacturers supply products use protection to explain, is the necessary material operators operating equipment, before operating the machine, must first browse the use protection to clarify, operation and maintenance according to clarify the request of the book. 2. Pay attention to the work load period, the running-in period of working load generally not more than 80% of the rated load, and to deploy the appropriate workload, prevent the machine from overheating caused by long time continuous operation. 3. Pay attention to often view the instigated in the instrument, appear abnormal, should be removed to stop, the reason was not found, the fault before eliminating, should end. 4. Pay attention to regularly check the oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid, and fuel oil ( Water) And quality, and pay attention to check the sealing of the engine. Check found in oil-water lack too much, cause should be analyzed. At the same time, should strengthen all lubricating points lubrication, suggest in the running-in period, per shift to inject grease lubrication points ( Except for special request) 。

5。 Keep the machine clean, timely adjust and tighten loose excavator parts, in case caused by loose and aggravate excavator parts wear or excavator parts fall off lost. 6. Period stops, the force should be made for machine maintenance, do a good job, check and adjust at the same time pay attention to the oil change. In short, engineering machinery use and maintenance requirements during the running-in period, can be summarized as: strengthen training, lighten the load, note to check, strengthen the lubrication. As long as the practice according to the requirement of excavator maintenance and maintenance period, will reduce the occurrence of early failure, excavator parts of wear and prolong service life, improve the working efficiency, make the machine to bring you more benefits. 【 Mechanical 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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